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The crew does a quick catch-up on what they’re up to, then Jrow gives early impressions on Stellar Blade, the guys review the Spy x Family movie and the Fallout series. Continue reading


Amuro, Jrow and steev get together to recognize their favorites from the worlds of Anime & Gaming in 2023. (timestamps in show notes) Continue reading


Jrow and Amuro discuss the latest news in anime and gaming, Amuro talks about VR and Jrow asks questions about the everyday lives of the Anivision Podcast hosts. Continue reading


It is mother’s day and I wanted to do something special for it, so I decided what would be more appropriate than a top 5 list of the hottest Mothers in anime! Continue reading


A poll in which I kindly ask, “What show should Jrow watch?” Choices include Ano Natsu, Un-Go, Giant Killing and Working! Continue reading


When I was deciding on doing a new top 5 list shounen series came to mind. Instead of doing a top 5 of the best series, I thought it would be more interesting to highlight the best arcs. It was … Continue reading


It is Valentine’s Day and what better to celebrate it by picking the top 5 girls of the Winter 2012 anime season. You might ask yourself, “what qualifies a girl for this list?” The answer is simple, anything that… Continue reading


Inu x Boku SS already has a lot of what I look for in a series, comedy, action, and ecchi-ness!! Check out the Gallery after the fold. Continue reading


Amuro runs down a list of his favorite Pretty Cure characters with no ulterior motive whatsoever… Continue reading


Wanted to do a list, but wasn’t sure which I should do. I’ve been feeling the shounen itch lately so I wanted to do the top 5 best shounen series, but I realized that was too easy. So why not do the worst shounen anime… Continue reading