Welcome to Anivision! Over the many years he have had many forms and many version, but that is all in the past! We have launched out blog to support and present our podcast to the world. We have been running our podcast for a year now and we have quite a few listeners. Over the last year we have maintained a Facebook page and attempted to run a Grou.ps page, but now we will put all our efforts into running this site along with our podcast. If you are new here feel free to stick around and browse. We still have a bit of fine tuning to do, but mostly cosmetic changes. Xcom and I have been looking at adding a Facebook connect plugin to the site to allow for people use use their facebook accounts to comment. I am also working on a default Podcast page to help navigate and view all of our episodes.

We all plan to run editorials, impressions, and reviews as time goes on. There are only 4 of us now, but we do hope to hire more writers as time goes on. So be patient with us as we hope to fill out this site with more content in the coming days. I know for myself, I will be posting weekly Fairy Tail anime impressions and One Piece manga impressions, so look forward to those!

Feel Free to leave a comment or two if you have any ideas to help this site out or if you just want to say hello! If you want your website to become friends with us, feel free to get in contact with us. We might be a bit strange, but we certainly are friendly.

— steev