It's br0ke..

First off, I would like to appologize to anyone who might have come here since we first launched on Thursday. If you are no stranger to web development, the you might know this already, but when it comes to launching a new site there are always a lot of bugs and design flaws you have to address. Thus, I have been tweaking the site since launch, mainly fixing some browser compatibility issues and working on the design by making it more sleek. I feel that now the site is much nicer, however, if anyone does run across anymore issues, please feel free to tell us. I love it when someone offers constructive criticism.

However, that was not all I was working on. I installed a forum for everyone, so feel free to register and start posting! I kept it simple since we are a blog first. I just wanted a way for people to interact with each other w/o being limited to just what we, the admins, post. Speaking of registering, I also added Facebook Connect, which allows users to register by using their Facebook account or you can register and link your account to Facebook. We at Anivision wanted people to be more involved with each other, not just some other person you know on the web. So if you feel like it, you certainly don’t have to, connect your account and join the Anivision fan page on Facebook! Lastly, as per request from Jrow, I installed a Mobile plugin that allows users to visit Anivision from their mobile device in a more accessible manner.