「The Last Bird」

I have ero as a “word the describes Jrow” in my profile, so you gotta figure I like shows like this, and even more that I can’t wait for the Blu-Ray. But you know what? Sekirei is good enough to watch despite censoring that will tease you just like a preview for “one of those” pay sites. But this week, we focus on a man… or a woman… well, let’s just go with Kagari/Homura for now.

Let's all thank Uzume for giving Kazehana this babealicious outfit.

Episode 4’s focus is on Homura as he is the only Sekirei that has yet to be winged. While Tsukiumi just didn’t want an Ashikabi altogether, Homura’s disgusted that he’s becoming attracted to Minato, a man, rather than a girl. In the opening scene, he’s uncomfortably looking at Minato and grabbing his body in a way a woman who was just seen naked might react. Fresh off a winging of Kazehana, is Minato going to earn yet another Sekirei?  Or will his life be burnt to dust by Homura’s blaze of fire?

Kuu-chan's mad faces are hilarious and wonderful.

Homura’s past is also revealed in this episode, as it turns out he was tested by MBI as a prototype Sekirei. He’ll continue to be unstable until he’s been winged, and when he finds the person that’ll be his Ashikabi, his body will start reacting to the desires of that Ashikabi. So basically he really is kind of an “it” Sekirei. It’s also revealed that he absolutely hates Minaka (aka Game Master) and wants to kill him, which even Miya says is a tough task. It’s the first time I ever pondered how Minaka could protect himself from Sekirei more powerful than him that would try to go rouge; it might be as simplistic as an on/off switch. All we know is that MBI is on the cutting edge when it comes to new technologies.

Chapter 56, Page 10. You're welcome.

So we get into a scene that will be most enjoyable in Blu-Ray form, the bathing scene. While Homura is frustrated over his body changing into a woman’s (luckily, Matsu doesn’t have cameras installed underwater), the more busty heroines Kazehana, Tsukiumi and Musubi decide to bathe. This is much to the delight of us, much to the dismay of Homura, who would rather not have others see his budding twins. Oh wait, that could apply on both fronts. Moving right along, the girls decide to hang out and talk about Kazehana’s first love, who just happens to be Game Master, and Homura exits the bathing room discretely without being seen. Basically, the guy we thought was all cool and mysterious is becoming a girl, and we’re not sure how to feel about.

Minato, unlike in the past, I'm with you on the "nervousness" of this kiss.

And to officially announce that Homura is the last unlockable character in Sekirei, Game Master sends a text to the Ashikabis that the last one is in the North Area. Matsu kind of spills the beans that the last one is in Izumo Inn before running away; I think Matsu’s more fearful of Miya when divulging information than anyone else. In the final sequence of the episode, Homura is barely able to walk down the hall when Minato appears. In a vulnerable moment for Homura, he almost gets winged by Minato, but as soon as he wakes up, he punches Minato and almost burns him alive before Tsukiumi washes away his fireball. Two sekirei in two episodes would’ve pretty astonishing for Minato, but he’s going to have to earn this one. Homura’s a little more headstrong about this, even more than Tsukiumi was.

Seo's MBI-issued pillowed feels great, but it doesn't help him sleep any.

Also in this episode, we see Uzume leave Izumo Inn once more to continue her rid of Sekirei in order to get a cure for Chiho; Yukari and Shiina beating up more small fry looking for Kusano; Minato passing a Matsu-specialized version of the college entry exams, and a glimpse of the West/South/East Ashikabi masters.   Honestly, Higa with brown hair is weird.  I always figured he was blonde.

Anime vs. Manga Comparison
Perhaps almost shot-for-shot, this episode falls right in line with the manga. There was right to be concerned about how things would play out after Kazehana’s arc, but the anime has gone back to its roots. Obviously, nudity is in the manga, but the Blu-ray will correct that for us.