It is said that there are 5 people in the world that looks like you, but this is ridiculous.

The episode started off with promise, a fight with the mighty Mystogan and Laxus, but it ended so quickly that if you blinked, you missed the best part. Don’t get me wrong, Mystogan owned with his Tower of Babel technique, but I really wanted to see more action than one magic attack and a three failed attempts. The Mangaka is probably saving it for later, just revealing another mystery for this show to solve. I do have my theories: First he got punished by Jellal after being defeated by Jellal, second is that he pulled an Outlaw Star and modified his face in a never ending obsession over Jellal, thrid is that Jellal split his good half off, and TW~INS! (for realz this time)

While the show managed to create a new mystery, it did at least solve a few, well, more like it cleared some up while creating a new mysteries. Ivan apparently is the really evil looking son of Makarov/Laxus’ fugly father. So now the question of who Gajeel is working for is clear, but what is Gajeel’s motivation and why does Ivan want to destroy Fairy Tail? Another thing that I think was uncovered is why Laxus is doing all of this, especially when he had the reaction to why is Grandfather had not come in to stop him yet. Laxus wants to be kicked out of Fairy Tail.  I really do wonder if Makarov is actually sick or not. I don’t think he is, I bet he just doesn’t want to go through the same pain of dealing with his son as he is going to have to do with Laxus.

Did you catch the reference?

Finally we get into the core of the episode, Natsu v. Laxus, with a bit of Ezra on the side. I will say that Ezra’s Lightning Empress armor is quite sexy in its own way. The ribbon really makes the outfit work~ <3 Although, I do find it curious how it gave Ezra telepathic powers. The only reason I can accept her being able to contact all of her guild through her minds eye, is because it is a magic series. Maybe their emblems share some kind of telepathic communication to each other. That could be the thing that could destroy Fairy Tail that Ivan knows about. Considering how easily he got tossed aside during the Miss Fairy Tail contest, I am surprised that Laxus isn’t impressed that Natsu is able to put up such a fight. For the most part, he is on par with Laxus during this episode. I would really like to see Natsu kick Laxus’ ass without having to get the help of Gajeel, but I am excited to see how they work together.

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