The first two BDs of Sekirei are out. I’ll make an episode 00 post later, but for now we’ll compare the BD version to what we’ve previously seen on TV.

Episode 1

I mentioned the reversed “lack of” censorship in episode 1 on the Summer Preview podcast. The show has rectified this by putting both scenes uncensored into episode 1.

The scene with Karasuba in the shower on both versions remains censored.

Episode 2

There’s only one scene to compare differences on, which is merely a flashback of something from Season 1.

Episode 3

More stuff to be interested in watching Episode 3. ┬áBenitsubasa has a nipple reveal, Musubi’s topless in another flashback, and Kazehana’s biggins can be seen just after being winged by Minato.

At the end of episode 3 in the Kazehana/Uzume scene, I figured the bear ear was their for censoring, but that scene has not been changed in the DVD release.

Episode 4 Preview

The preview doesn’t show the 3 girls in the bath, but rather Homura. If you can convince yourself that’s Takami, maybe it won’t be so bad.

Volume 3 featuring episodes 4-5 will be released October 27th in Japan. Episode 4 has a scene filled with oppai, and the beginning of episode 5 might have something worth posting.