The Samurai Girls food chain. Mune's in a good spot.

What’s a kiss but just a kiss, right? Well, according to Jubei, there’s more to it than just Muneakira kissing Matabei, Hanzo and Gutsugutsu. I can understand why Sen & Yukimura would want to create a little army of Master Samurais. With maybe a week left before Yoshihiko returns (and also the much anticipated introduction of Charles), Sen & Yuki try to convince the “never-been-kissed” to gain power. Naoe’s come to accept it, only to move up in the show’s food chain while Hanzo and Matabei feel like there’s some necessary practice before kissing.

I say just use Gisen's clothes as a towel. She wouldn't mind any bit.

Yagyu Gisen falls from the sky, just like Jubei, right into master Muneakira’s arms. While we’ve definitely had lots of nudity, none of it has come at such an erotic level as what Gisen displayed in this episode. It makes me more anxious for the volume 4 DVD after an episode like this. She thinks of herself as a (sex)slave to Muneakira, and is willing to let him do as he wishes with her body. He accidentally grabs her breasts in the changing room, and on two different occasions, she basically forces his dick in between her breasts. They were really funny scenes as Sen & Yuki walked in on them, and their response to seeing said dick in breasts was just like… wow. In the fighting scene with Sen, you gotta love that Gisen had no interest in covering up her exposed left breast after Sen cut up her shirt.

Dude, Mune just totally inked Gisen's face.

That whole thing from Jubei about trust and whatever being needed for a proper pact is some BS. Jubei and Mune are supposedly brother and sister, and I can understand that Sen knew Muneakira for a long time, but Yukimura basically took advantage of a passed out guy she only knew for a few days to get her Samurai powers. I think Hanzo and the others can become master samurai thru Muneakira’s lips, but as we saw in the almost awesome scene with Hanzo and Matabei practicing, it’s not an easy commitment. It’s not genitalia, women, sheesh. Just throw yourself at him and gain the strength of 1,000 soldiers or whatever. It was funny that Naoe was actually thinking about it from a food chain perspective and that Mune and Jubei had already left before hand. On the subject of Naoe quickly, much funnier this week, especially when the girls are stomping on her!

Gisen takes advantage of Sen looking away.

With mention of Yoshihiko coming back home and into the picture of the anime, I think the last 4 episodes will be more like the first 3 episodes of the series, which I particularly enjoyed from a story perspective and saw some potential in before the show reminded me that it’s a high-school comedy. There should be some really great action scenes, and girls like Naoe and Hanzo will likely have to fill in the comedic relief parts that have been dominant the past 5 episodes.

The Breast of the Rest:

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