This episode is blood-sucking fun!

Her boobs are great, but Sera blushing is kinda even more exhilerating.

Ayumu desperately wants to see Haruna’s DFC. Let’s give him strength to open that door and steal a peek. We can unlock a bonus gallery if we get that damn door open!

Mission Complete! Bonus Gallery Unlocked!

I'm thinking all anime girls sleep like this.

Alright, so the blood-sucking and seeing Haruna’s body has been really busy business today. We should shower up. Wait, what’s that? There’s a hole that we can see through. Drills are a wonderful tool. Oh wait, there’s a TV filter over this hole. Sonuva…

I think Sera found Haruna's sweet spot.

So Aikawa gets a call from Kyoko. He thinks the graveyard is a great spot to meet up. May I remind him of the time he’s gotten cut in half and got his arm cut off fighting Sera.

Wait a sec, wasn't she slayed last w.. holy mother of pearl! Those pigtails!

Kyoko is revealed as the show’s serial killer. Not only that, she is a Masou Shoujo with multiple lives that’s trying to kill Aikawa. Not only does that fact surprise me, but also that the serial killer was revealed not even halfway thru the show.

She looks pretty dead to me.

A great action sequence is not only followed by the resurrection of Kyoko, but a surprise appearance by Hellscythe on the field of battle. I wouldn’t expect much from Hellscythe next week as Kyoko is likely to run off, but it makes me anxious to see what her magic can really do.

This episode packed in everything we’ve come to enjoy from Zombie Desu ka? in these few episodes we’ve seen. The way it blends an interesting story with fanservice and funny throughout is really enjoyable. I even laughed at the second situation in which Sera had to remind herself to call Ayumu a piece of shit; like almost not saying it causes her to bleed. Though there’s not a crazy amount to comment on, I love these kind of gallery-like blogs telling the story for me. (Just pretend I say perverted stuff for most of them. Ayumu would. Xcom would, too.)

Onii-chan! I'm here to save you from the evil Masou Shoujo! ^_^

Bonus Gallery: A Few of Ayumu’s Faces (Not what you were hoping for)

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