Congrats to Ayumu on getting married this week! I was really wondering which girl he’d pick to love, but this one came almost out of nowhere!

Where's Sheldon Cooper when ya need him?

After the big action that some of episode 5 and all of episode 6 packed in, we settle back down to the day-to-day operations of the Ayumu household, more slice-of-lifey, if you will. Ayumu and Haruna get to fighting a horse megalo whose not only doing well against them, but then a squad of jellyfish arrive to ambush them from behind. The fact that the Megalo’s primary intent was to feel up some pussy was hilarious, and then the sudden realization that the Jellyfish were grabbing a twig-and-two-berries made topped off that scene really well. It is a little disconcerting when you think that they just fought the incredibly overpowered and possessed Kyoko last week, and they’re having much more problems with what could be considered “small fry”. However, those that know what tentacles can do know that there aren’t many forces more dominant.

Unlike Saeko, Ayumu is anything but wet.

We’ve seen Tomonori (Yuki Yoshida, or also Maelstrom) in the promotional images and we saw her being passed by Kyoko back in episode 4, but she officially makes her debut this week as the eventual last member of Ayumu’s harem and as a surprise love interest for him. After Haruna pushes Ayumu into her and the two lock lips, by Kyuketsu Law, the two are now married. Tomonori seems to be accepting the role of Waifu, showing some tsundere-type emotions toward him and making some lunch for him. While we figure that Yuu does like Ayumu, Tomonori could prove to be a good balance to the more agressive & mean nature that Sera and Haruna give to Ayumu and her use of ramen will be humorous as she gets involved in some of the more important action sequences.

Not the goddamn Batman.

I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may grope the bride.

The comedy in Zombie returned to the spot-on’dness that we’ve seen in past episodes. Sera having a legit reason for not sucking Ayumu’s blood back in episode 5 helped her quip in this episode about his repulsiveness be funny; Ayumu being attacked by the sun and his dried-up transformation sequence was funny, and anything Haruna did this episode was hysterical with her beliefs on what Santa is being the funniest twist on Jolly St. Nick I can think of in some time. One thing that is a little bland is the, “Hey there man, can I help you? Oh wait, you’re a girl and I’m grabbing your tit!” joke. We saw it poorly done in Infinite Stratos this season, and unfortunately, the Zombie anime didn’t really improve upon it. It may have read better in the light novels, but it doesn’t convert that well to the anime considering that we’ve seen her before like back in episode 4.

Naruto has a sister, and she sure is a cutey.

We saw the pig machine after the ending of last week’s episode. It was teased quite well, as it originally looked like some cult that Ayumu and the girls might have to go up against, but instead it’s a machine prepared to rain tonkotsu ramen when a horde of Megalo appear. I don’t understand how trying out ramen at different restaurants helps, and neither does anyone else after Tomo really doesn’t explain anything other than giving a restaurant 3 stars.

I go Y assist for Sera, B assist for Haruna and B assist for Yuu.

The cold open to next week’s episode better be about Ayumu wearing his glasses as he walks into the house and asks Sera and the girls what’s happening. They’re the dream that all men wish they had. Why Dai-sensei gave them to Ayumu has yet to be fully revealed, and I also had to search for the name of the girl that gave the glasses to him (Saras), but for now, I’ll close this post off with the view of Tomo’s unmentionables plus what Christmas is all about… in hell.
(FYI, both Saras and the glasses have been in the OP)

Be careful with those, Ayumu. Excessive use might make you go blind.

I think Santa wants more than chocolate chip cookies this Christmas.

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