Hellscythe uses her namesake against Yoru no Ou, but to little effect.

Yuu and King of the Night meet atop a building, with some small tidbits of information being revealed about the past these two characters have. Yoru no Ou (King of the Night) killed a Seventh Abyss, which is what caused Yuu to “want him to disappear” after having revived him, and that he wants Euclidwood to grant him some kind of wish. I don’t even think it’s implied that he told her what that wish was; perhaps they both already know what it is from the past and it just wasn’t discussed in full detail. We knew back from episode 6 about Yuu being a primary source of the Megalo appearances, but it is strange that somehow one of her dolls can take form after her feelings wavered as Yoru no Ou mentioned. It would explain in some sense how that whale showed up in episode 4 after an emotional scene between her and Ayumu.

Dai-sensei's got this.

Just what the hell is that in Tomonori?

The two action sequences this week were rather strange and lacked not only feeling specifically for Yuki’s scene, but lacked that something that we’ve seen in past episodes that made them enjoyable to watch. The enemies didn’t wear a school uniform and didn’t exhibit a weirdly perverse personality; they were just ordinary foes. Dai-sensei easily handled Yuu’s doll, which even a 600% charged Ayumu couldn’t make move. And just what the heck is that exactly that took over Mael (Maelstrom, Yuki, my apologies in advance for switching up the names)? It looked crazy, and the weird scene cuts it took to zoom in on the moon as it was firing its big blast were confusing, but it also looked visually different from anything we’ve seen in Zombie Desu ka? and just didn’t fit in my opine.

He tried to do a pirouette and broke both, well, every bone.

Comedy this week was non-existent. Not only was action and the drama of Yuu and Yoru no Ou the focus, but the couple comedic lines that were tossed in fell flat. I mentioned how the fights were lacking something, and I think missing those comedic jabs were a factor to consider. Sera’s line about Ayumu’s face being crushed didn’t have any punch since Ayumu had no reaction to it (as did I); Haruna talking about cucumbers was beyond random and her “Never natta natta” line was strange (maybe it plays betters knowing Japanese), and Ayumu calling Yuki by her nickname after dramatically saving her was the typical moment in anime of setting the balance back in place after having been heavily¬†shifted. And this was the first episode in the series that we don’t see Ayumu’s fantasies of Yuu being a sweet imoutou.

Ayumu, that's just awful of you.

Where Zombie did its best this week was in its final scene with Yuu telling the group to go on ahead, eventually waving what she thinks will be a permanent goodbye to her kooky friends. To say I had watery eyes would be strong, but Zombie Desu ka? has really made me invest a lot into the characters and seeing that whole scene with her leaving coupled with Ayumu’s absolutely horrible wish he hung on the tree was very somber. He’s had to pick up Haruna and Sera before, so it was nice to see the girls picking him back up at the end.

Post-Publish Thought: I did also like when Ayumu forced Sera to admit how she really felt about the mission she was given, which was to kill Hellscythe. Kyuketsu Ninjas follow their code so strictly (see: Tomonori’s marriage to Ayumu), but seeing Ayumu break her and not follow through with her plan was nice. With such a strict code,¬†does Sera eventually become hunted by her own kind?

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