If you haven’t guessed by now, it most certainly is summer time as all the anime have been going through a ton of swim suit episodes and that is why summer is the best time of the year. I will say that Tsukuyo is hawt and seeing her in a Bikini just made my day~ We can only hope the other series follow suit soon enough.

It isn't a proper battle suit anime until the main character gets a Nemesis.

Sacred Seven – 03 [spoiler]

I have been somewhat abrasive about Sacred Seven’s formula because the series just didn’t work for me, but episode 3 changed that in many ways. The introduction of Kinjima has added a completely new twist to the story. Before I thought it was going to be the generic bad guy out to destroy the world, but low and behold he is a much more complex character than that. Now we don’t know who exactly to trust. Also when the series started airing I thought there would only be seven people like Alma that can transform, I mean after all it is called Sacred Seven, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I am kind of hoping for a big battle now between all the power suit guys, because that could be badass.[/spoiler]

Her cuteness just makes you want to embrace her even if she might kill you.

Mayo Chiki – 03 [spoiler]

I really liked the first two episodes, but episode three didn’t do it for me. I felt like there is a pattern growing in the anime and I am not liking it. The show has a very classic ecchi feel to it and I like that, but the writing it getting so below par that I found it hard to enjoy this episode. The idea that she was traumatized as a kid just failed to deliver something interesting. The way she got over it was even less interesting. I did like the increasing romantic elements that have been happening, but honestly I felt like episode three didn’t change from what episode two already brought us. I am hoping that this was just a poor episode and that we don’t see the continuation of this. I will say that this episode was some what saved by the fact that we got to see Kanade in a bikini~ I was disappointed that they didn’t think of a way to get Suburu in one too.[/spoiler]

Friendly fire is all too common when you are in an all out brawl..

Kamisama no Memochou – 03 [spoiler]

I have really been enjoying Memochou a lot. I will admit that the current case they are on really didn’t intrigue me much, but the case really wasn’t the focus of the episodes. It was the growth of Narumi. The first episode or case was to push him into the group and get him working for Alice, but this case was to get him to want to work for Alice. I was talking with Amuro before we recorded episode 93 and he was telling me how people related Narumi to Ryugamine from Durarara, but I didn’t really fell that way until I finished episode three. It  was a real turn in his chracter to not only join Soichirou’s gang, but to plan and fight off the Yakuza thugs chasing Meo. I loved how we just saw him get beat up and not stand a chance. It made me like the series even more because we get such great character development.[/spoiler]

You shouldn't blush when you are kissed by an Elementary school girl you'll get arrested.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! – 03 [spoiler]

Both episode one and two were beach episodes that just didn’t sit well for me. Episode two wasn’t as bad as one, but it still just lacked the charm that we have grown to love in the Baka Test anime. Episode three on the other hand brought back not only the fantastic comedy, but also did something I wasn’t expecting.. It flashed back to when they got into the school and how Yoshii became the punishment inspector. I thought that was really interesting and I liked how we got to see how he met Minami and her sister. Not only was it emotionally touching it did a great job with the comedy. Yoshii was funny as hell when he hit the bucket of water back Nishimura and then tried to pass it off as an accident. Man I love this anime.[/spoiler]

Did anyone else catch Saya smiling as she was slaying this monster? Saya enjoys the kill~ 😮

Blood-C – 03 [spoiler]

There really isn’t a lot I want to talk about, but there was something that bothered me immensely after I watched this episode.. After the baker went missing, Saya had a heartfelt flashback of a fond memory she had with him and I felt a bit of sadness that something had happened to the nondescript baker I had never met because Saya was feeling sadness that he went missing. Now here is where I say “WTF!” After she found the baker walking in some kind of trance Saya just watched the baker walk into the monster train and get killed right in front of her. I was screaming in my head, “GO STOP HIM!” Saya seemed incredibly heartless  just letting him die like that. Poor baker-san… He never stood a chance. :'([/spoiler]

I think Rin might be a meth addict... Bloodshot eyes and drooling from the mouth is not a good sign.

Ao no Exorcist – 15 [spoiler]

Ao no Exorcist isn’t the most original Shounen series around, but I do enjoy it a lot. However, as much as I enjoyed this episode, was it just me or did anyone else get the sinking feeling that it is becoming more and more just another Naruto rip off. I ignored that the main character is a demon child, I ignored that his teachers know he is a demon, but his fellow students are blind to the fact, I ignored the team system, and I even ignored that his powers were sealed to were he can use them when he needs to and now that his is too powerful his power leaks through the seal. While there are a lot more points that you can pull straight from Naruto to this series, this episode does an even more blatant job of ripping of Naruto. How so? Well, think about it.. An enemy threatens Rin to the point where he unleashes his powers to the point of him going berserk by threatening his friends. Sure this happened to an extent a few episodes a go, but now it was clear. Plus his sword is cracking, a lot how Naruto’s seal failed needing for it to be repaired. The whole fight just reeked of Naruto and it made me a bit sad, even if the fight was still pretty awesome.[/spoiler]