It might be Zombie week, but I still have a lot to talk about for the currently airing non-zombie shows! I’m really feeling this season because there is quite a lot I want to talk about. Unfortunately I won’t cover them all, but it does make writing this a lot easier.

If Nako-chi was in the Little Mermaid I probably would've liked it more.

Hanasaku Iroha – 18 [spoiler]

The best episodes of Hanasaku are the ones that highlight one of the other characters and lets us know who they are and what they are thinking. This week we got to see an in depth look into Nako’s life and I was really enjoying it. I loved how we got to see the two sides of Nako, the shy quite girl we are use to and the high energy authoritative version of her. I’ll admit I wasn’t that much of a fan of Nako before this episode. I felt like she was just too shy and passive as a character. I did like her in episode 10 when we got to see some of her more authoritative side, but overall she barely registered on my radar… Well I take that back, she did register two very big blips on my radar, if you know what I mean. I liked how she compared herself to a mermaid and just let the prince die, I laughed so hard I choked a bit up.  This episode did a good job in showing her as a character, while developing her further. She might be my new favorite character! Time to step aside Ohana and let a new girl take the lead~[/spoiler]

I don't think a normal bandaid will work for that wound.

Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou – 04 [spoiler]

This season of Nurarihiyon no mago has been spectacular so far and the first season pales in comparison. I am really digging the darker feeling the show has taken. Before it was not all that distinguishable from other shounen shows, but now it has character and is really stepping up its game. Episode 4 is all flashback of Riku’s grandfather and it is surprisingly interesting. I guess it was to be expected since we learned that he had some kind of past dealing with the Keikain clan, but it really feels like it is setting us up for something much bigger. If Nurarihyon can keep this up, it might be the surprise hit of the season for me. I might even start recommending season 1 to people just to catch up to this one.[/spoiler]

It's nice to see a shounen manga that actually has some thought put into its story.

Fairy Tail – 90 [spoiler]

There really isn’t a whole lot I want to say about this episode, after all most of it was spent bitching, pushing a big ass rock back, and a celebration with some graduation music in the background. However, there was a major reveal at the end of the episode that opened my eyes to a lot of things…. MYSTOGAN IS THE FREAK’N PRINCE FROM EDOLAS?! There was a big question to who exactly was Mystogan was and it was something I pondered and theorized quite a bit, but not everything makes sense. He uses staffs because he has no magical power, which is why he can hide it. It also explains why he helped Wendy and how Carla ended up with her. I do think this was a brilliant way of explaining all of that. It shows significant foreshadowing on the part of the manga-ka and I applaud him for that.[/spoiler]

Youkai seem to love to turn into cats..

Natsume Yuujinchou San – 04 [spoiler]

There never really is a whole to say about this peaceful slice of life anime, but this week I wanted to talk about episode 4, which was a very wonderful episode. We never see much about the past of Natsume. Maybe just a hint every now and then, but this time we got to see a significant part of his past. I really liked how we got to see it from the perspective of Kinoue, the Youkai in the tree. Seeing Natusme young and how he had to deal with the Youkai and the bullying really was an eye opener. I thought it was interesting how sometimes it was out of his control to deal with them, even if he wanted to hide the fact that he could see them. I really liked Kinoue and kind of hope she will return. I am somewhat disappointed in the fact that we are 4 episodes in and Natori hasn’t reappeared yet for any kind of role. The end of season two made me hope that we would get more action and a bit of suspense with that guild thrown into the mix. That has yet to happen, so I hope we start to see some of that soon.[/spoiler]

Awww.. I think they are going to make a cute couple! <3

Kamisama Dolls – 04 [spoiler]

Episode 1 of Kamisama Dolls just didn’t do it for me and by the end of episode 2 I still wasn’t impressed at all. Something about the style and animation of the show just didn’t fit. However, episode three and four I felt like that changed a bit. It might be just me getting use to it, but it felt like there was a change in the animation. It still feels a bit off, but I am starting to actually like the show some. The story and the characters have always felt pretty good, except for Utao who I can barely stand. I really am digging the story and the changes in direction. Episode 4 took a big change when Karahari decided to kidnap Aki, which probably wasn’t the best idea in the world. I will admit I kind of wish she tied me up in my underwear~ I really like her character, more so than Hibino. The most interesting dynamic though is still Kyouhei and Aki. We know bits and pieces of what happened, but I am curious to see the whole story and how everything ended up the way it did. Kyouhei really is a great lead and I am liking his character more and more. I wish he did have power over one of  those dolls, because he would be pretty badass.[/spoiler]

Blood-C – 04

Nothing I want to talk about that needs to be hidden, because I am here to complain about censoring. I download the fansub version of this and I wait for the higher quality version released by Underwater and skip the Horrible Subs version, however that is a mistake. The Underwater uses the raw from Japan, which is HQ, but censored. As you can see above the horrible circle fuzzing and blackness makes it hard to enjoy, which is strange because if you look at the uncensored version it really doesn’t show much either. It really is sad that a show gets censored that badly. I am just glad the streaming version doesn’t suffer from the same absurdity. I didn’t realize that the C in the title stood for Censored in Japan. Anyway, if you can put up with the 360p version, I highly recommend it.