I was so busy with Zombie Week that most of my anime piled up and I had to watch a bunch of it today. I feel like I should apologize for the half assed post. Next week I will do better! I will say that most of the anime I’m watching has been top notch as of late and sitting through several episodes in a couple of sittings was rather easy to do! This season continues to be a strong season for anime.

Who else was waiting for them to start making out?

No. 6 – 05 [spoiler]

No. 6 is probably the series that has me most confused at the moment. The plot really hasn’t revealed much and I have no idea where this series is going, but that is what I love about it. Shion is proving to be a very difficult guy to understand. What his connection to this is something I really want to know. Having Safu and Nezumi link up like that was very strange. The obvious conclusion is that it has something to do with Shion, but why? The other thing I find very interesting is the relationship building between Nezumi and Shion. I am getting major homosexual vibes from Nezumi. It wasn’t just that he was in a dress, but how he smiled after Shion saw him in it. Like how he wanted to show Shion that side of him. Also the dancing scene was like Nezumi openly flirting with Shion. It is an interesting turn of events if that is true. Series that delve that kind of homosexual relationship is pretty rare. No. 6 might have had a rough start, but it quickly is becoming a series not to miss. [/spoiler]

I lost a bit of respect for Bunny seeing him in such a pathetic state..

Tiger & Bunny – 19 [spoiler]

Episode 18 pissed me off and 19 did a good job at making me angry too. It wasn’t the story nor was it Bunny’s breakdown, but it was the fact that the first thing that didn’t pop into their minds was that a Next manipulated Bunny’s memories. I mean seriously!! In a world of super powered people, if something strange is happening, you can probably assume it has something to do with a Next. It is the obvious conclusion that they didn’t make and it was annoying beyond belief. I bet the writers purposefully made them stupid, which is something I hate because it ruins the authenticity of the story. I will say I quite enjoyed Bunny’s breakdown. It was interesting to see him have such drastic mood changes, from paranoia to anger to sadness. Quite an emotional response that was rather appropriate for the situation. I will say that I figured it out last week who was responsible, but Maverick did look pretty badass when he revealed the fact. I look forward to Tiger’s reaction next week as I am sure Bunny will start acting normal again.[/spoiler]

Is it possible to drown in a washing machine?! Sounds like something the Mythbusters should investigate.

Kamisama no Memochou – 05 [spoiler]

The series that is quickly rivaling my favorites has to be Memochou. Episode 5 did a great job in continuing the development of Narumi. One thing that some shows do that annoy me is when they take back the progression some characters do, but Memochou is pushing right on through. Narumi taking initiative like he did in the club was really bold of him. It kind of shows his progression and how he is evolving. I do find the relationship between Narumi and Hina rather interesting. Honestly I figured Hina was going to be the go to guy in Memochou. The guy you go to when you are out of options and need help to finish something, but it seems like his role is a rather stable one in the series and I am curious to see how it progresses.[/spoiler]

I see Suguro likes older women~

Ao no Exorcist – 16 [spoiler]

Who saw that coming?! To be perfectly honest, episode 16 was nothing to what I expected. The Vatican showing up and taking Rin away while the rest of the crew goes to find metal to fix Kurikara.. Not to mention the end of the episode where Amaimon showing up with a horde of demons in the end. It was kind of a refreshing pace for the story. I liked how we got to see the reactions of Rin’s classmates to them finding out he is the son of Satan. I am glad that Miwa has some negative feelings to that fact because it should be difficult for them to learn of that. Suguro’s reaction was pitch perfect too. I loved how he hesitated and struggled with helping him. It really feels like each character is developing according to their personalities, which is the sign of a great shounen series. I can’t wait to see 17 and the can of whoop-ass that Rin unleashes on Amaimon and he minions.[/spoiler]

mmmMmm.. I wouldn't mind a girl like her siting on me! <3

Mayo Chiki! – 05 [spoiler]

I really hate watching this series. There is a slight spark there that makes me curious enough to watch the show, but the overall caliber of the show is quite low, which makes every episode painful to watch. The introduction of Usami was about as annoying as you can get. Mayo Chiki seems to be the show to watch if you like Tsundare characters because that is all it has to offer. The only reason I like the show is the relationship between Jirou and Suburu. When Suburu was all shy in the nurse’s office I couldn’t help but be drawn into her cuteness. I am also finding the jealousy of both Suburu and Suzutsuki really amusing. I just hope Usami is only going to be featured in the next episode, then she takes a back seat for the rest of the series.[/spoiler]

I think those Tigers want a snack.. o_o

Nichijou – 19 [spoiler]

There really is only one segment I want to talk about and that was when Yuuko was teaching Mio to do the jump. I mean, wow. That was so overly epic and ended so perfectly that I think that was the best bit in all of Nichijou. I loved the background track so much it just hit every note right with the bit. I rewinded it after the segment ended just to watch it again. Nichijou is proving that it can be really funny to me. Really the whole episode was hilarious. I found the Daifuku part funny and the tiger segment absolutely hilarious. It is just a shame that the first half of the show wasn’t that funny.[/spoiler]