When I first was thinking about the shows I am going to blog about this week, I realized that I was picking a lot of the same shows every week. I felt a bit of regret for doing that until it came to me.. The reason I pick the same shows each week is just proof that those anime have a lot more going on for them than the rest. If you aren’t watching Tiger & Bunny, Ao no Exorcist, Kamisama no Memouchou, and No. 6, then you are missing out on this season’s best anime.

I think we should inform Tiger that it is never cool to do the double point wink move..

Tiger & Bunny – 20 [spoiler]

Picking up from last week, we learn that Maverick has the Next power to alter memories, which is pretty useful ability if I might add. After finding out he is the bad guy, we also learn that he has to deal with Tiger before he finds out his secret. Tiger in this episode was brilliantly dense about everything. However, I do think it is somewhat hard to for Tiger to come to the conclusion that Maverick, who is Bunny’s trusted mentor, was actually a memory manipulating Next who killed Bunny’s parents. It was funny watching Maverick frustratingly stare at the poisoned coffee waiting for him to drink it. It was also funny watching Tiger’s puzzled faced when he came across clues that he dismissed or just ignored for some reason. I did like how Maverick turned all the Heroes against Tiger, but not in the way it happened. It just doesn’t seem like a fool proof plan to make everyone forget who he is because he doesn’t really know if those are the only people who know his true identity. It seems like it would’ve been better to manufacture a memory that makes them witness Tiger killing Mrs. Samantha.[/spoiler]

Ao no Exorcist – 17 & 18 [spoiler]

Since GG was later than normal last week I decided to group up both episodes for this post. Both 17 and 18 had a very interesting plot development. 17 started out with Rin taking on Amaimon and his army. I personally disliked that fight very much because not only was he defeated fairly easily by Rin, chalking it up to some kind of hidden potential or whatever, but that Shura and Arthur couldn’t defeat him that easily. It seems like Arthur, who is the highest ranking Exorcist, should have been on even or higher grounds than him. It feels like a power balance issue might crop up later on in the series, which is something that I hate. Still it was amusing to see Amaimon turned into a hamster in episode 18, well I am assuming that green pointy haired hamster is him. Another major turn of events is that Yuki seems to be infected by something. I am pretty sure it is something to due with something demon-y. Maybe the blood of Satan is starting to effect him. Finally, the last point I want to talk about is the reactions to Rin being the son of Satan. I really loved the breakdown of all the characters and I am glad to see that they aren’t all excepting him even if they still have some resolution to be with him still. Konekomaru’s reaction was really intense and I thought it was interesting to see him get controlled by a demon. I wonder how their distrust of Rin will echo throughout the rest of the anime.[/spoiler]

I don't think Narumi is into autoerotic asphyxiation..


Kamisama no Memochou – 06 [spoiler]

This week continued on the arc that was going on and I am really like this one. It really is making Narumi worthy of the situations he is in. Before I felt like he was finding his place, but now he has fully settled into who he wants to be and what his roll is in the NEET Detective Agency. The relationships in Memochou are very complex which makes the series more interesting to follow. Alice has formed quite the attachment to Narumi if she is even willing to allow him to sleep in the same bed as her. I am curious to find out how old she is. I figure she is young, but she could also just be a loli-type character and might actually be like 13 or something. I have a few ideas of how this arc will end. I am hoping that it isn’t 100% of a happy ending. The first arc didn’t end well so I want to see more of those kinds of endings. Plus it would push Narumi down a bit, which he is on a high right now, so it would be interesting to see him fall a bit.[/spoiler]

No. 6 – 06 [spoiler]

Safu has always been a mystery in N0. 6. I can’t quite figure her out. Maybe it was just that her brains were masking her emotions too much and it wasn’t until it was laid out that she was actually in love with Shion. That makes me wonder if the connection that Safu and Nezumi had last episode was because of their feelings for Shion or it could be the other way around. Shion and Nezumi’s fight was interesting, but I can’t decide who was right in that situation. From a realistic point of view Nezumi is right, it is easy to say that you can find a way for both sides, but ideals rarely hold out. At the same time I can’t agree with Nezumi. He wants to destroy No. 6, but the ordinary citizens have no part in the government, which is what Nezumi should be after. Either way I am curious to find out whether or not Nezumi is going to tell Shion about Safu.[/spoiler]

Natori scares me more than all the Yokai Natsume encounters.

Natsume Yuujinchou San – 06 [spoiler]

I was excited about this season of Natsume because of how season two ended, but we hadn’t seen any involvement from the Matoba Clan yet. This episode finally sinks its teeth in the Clan and Natori even shows up so all the fan girls can scream as they draw their Yaoi doujinshis. Seiji is a very interesting character. I didn’t quite expect for them to throw in the head of the Clan right away, but it cold character and brass personality makes for a stark contrast between himself and Natsume. I am curious to see how all this plays into the story. I am just hoping for some more kickass action to be brought in.[/spoiler]