Sometimes there are weeks in anime that really define why I am an anime fan and this is one of those weeks. So much good anime to talk about and so little time. One thing to make note of is that there were four insert songs this week and all of them were pretty good. Personally I liked the insert from  Ao no Exorcist the most. Not only were insert songs a predominant part of the episodes this week, but we got a healthy dose of romance issues..

Jugem-Jugem Shit-Tossing The Life Of Shin-chan's Two-Day-Old Underwear Balmung Feralion Isaac Schneider 1/3True Love 2/3 Hangnail Anxiety Betreyal Knows My Name Or Does It Really Ignire Calls Squid Dogfish Halibut Trout-Cod Dogfish This Is a Different Dogfish,I'm Talking About The Dogfish Shark Kaluga Angler Ray Yuuteimiyaoukimukou Pepepepepepepepepepepepe Runny Diarrhea

Gintama – 221 [spoiler]

I never thought I would get emotionally attached to a poop throwing monkey with the longest name in the world. The first part of the episode made me laugh hard with him throwing tons of poop at Gintoki. The amount of mass he had to have eaten to through that much poop would be far too high for that little monkey, but alas poop flinging is a gag that never gets old. The insert song was a strange, but strangely effective choice to show us how Jugem and Kyubei’s relationship formed. I nearly shed a tear in the end when they went to bed and Jugem was sticking his arm through the crack of the door and staring at Kyubei.. Poor little guy. :'([/spoiler]

Mawaru Penguindrum – 06 [spoiler]

Ringo’s strange personality has always been odd to me, but after this episode I understand why she acts that way. I didn’t expect her to have had an older sister who died and who was important to Tabuki. Combined with arguing parents over the fact that she died on Ringo’s birthday makes the reasoning even clearer. I do love how Ringo is getting pushed toward Shouma, makes me route for them~ The other side of the episode dealt with Kanba and how he has a crazy slingshot bitch wielding memory erasing bullets after him. I was somewhat freaked out after those two girls got shot and started talking to him in the creepiest way possible, not to mention the penguin reading porn under the table. That whole scene made me question my insanity. If there is one thing Penguindrum does right, it is making some rememberable scenes and characters. I am also curious to find out what exactly Project M is and whether or not Ringo’s and Masako’s Project M have any kind of relation to each other.[/spoiler]


Baka to Test Shoukanjuu Ni! – 07 [spoiler]

This episode continued on the stupid school trip arc with a third episode based on the boys wanting to peep on the girls bath to find out who is blackmailing them, which is a dumb idea btw… I mean, what if the girl wasn’t there? Overall it was a funny episode, but the thing I want to talk about actually happens after the credit and it is the image above. I mean SERIOUSLY?! Who saw that coming?! Baka to Test is a comedy series where I expected nothing to ever change. Yoshii was going to be the blissfully unaware guy as normal and never understand that girls actually like him. I mean how dense can you be? Himeji clearly says several times that she wants him to peek on her in the bath! The next episode has me very curious to find out if he will get that or not. If he can’t understand why a girl wants him to peek on her in the bath, then maybe he won’t get why a girl is kissing him. Either way, this is territory I wasn’t expecting from Baka to Test, so kudos there.[/spoiler]

I am never opposed to naked cat fights.

Hanasaku Iroha – 21 [spoiler]

I haven’t talked about this series for a while because nothing has happened worth talking about, but episode 21 has rekindled my interests. In the last episode Minko confessed her love to Tohru in probably the worst way imaginable and I laughed it off knowing that it didn’t get through to him, but I didn’t expect it to become such an issue. It was funny when Minko thought he was proposing to her and was taking her to a love hotel, but the beach scene really made me feel sorry for her and the fight in the bath with Ohana made me a bit frustrated. Tohru’s feelings for Ohana have always been transparent and I have wondered what would happen to the two of them if he did express them. The last part of the episode blew me away. What I thought was a touching moment between Okami and Takako, but ending with her saying that she doesn’t want Enishi to take over was a major twist. The series is on its last 5 episodes so I am expecting a lot of drama to take over.[/spoiler]

Blood-C – 06 [spoiler]

I didn’t watch this series for a while because I found it hard to even watch episode 5, so when I got around the watching both I ended up cursing in the end. I was ready to drop the show by episode 5, but 6 was interesting enough to make me want to watch more, but the endless censoring is making it frustrating to watch. It was crazy watching Nene’s head get chewed on, but the scene lost its power by having a big ass black bar run across it. Plus I was expecting more of a emotional response from Saya, but that didn’t happen instead she just took 1 day off from school. Even with that happening, the episode got even crazier with a monster coming out of her twin Nono ending with her getting turned into a puddle of blood leaving only her foot still in her shoe. Of course that scene was also ruined by the massive censoring. I do have a theory to why this is all happening. I am starting to think that the people are the monsters and that is what has my mind blown. That would be a crazy twist. I am debating whether or not to stop watching the show and waiting on the uncensored version, but after investing this much energy into the anime already I don’t know if I want to stop.[/spoiler]

Dantalian no Shoka – 06 [spoiler]

So I guess Dalian isn’t the only walking talking library.. Personally I like Flamberge’s smart ass over Dalian’s cutesy-shy character. It is interesting finding out there are more pairs like Hughy and Dalian, but I don’t really like Hal. His flat personality works well with Flamberge, but by himself he just lacks any real defining personality traits. I also dislike his staff-gun thingy. It looks tacky as hell, especially when you load books into it calling them a cartridge.. I half expected Super Mario Brothers come out of it. It was also disappointing that he didn’t burn the girl up. Overall I like the dynamic they bring to the show and I am expecting an interesting encounter between them and our protagonists. For the record, Hughy is going to kick Hal’s ass..[/spoiler]

Sacred Seven – 08 [spoiler]

I actually really enjoyed this episode. It took us away from the action and aired out the feelings between Arma and Ruri. The episode made me feel as frustrated as I watched their relationship fall apart because neither of them know how to communicate very well. After they broke down and opened up it was like a weight was lifted up. I liked how the episode was pretty much a date between the two of them, kudos for Hellbrink on that one. The pace of the show was great and I loved the insert song in there. There were a lot of great shots of the emotions of Ruri in the episode. I was really waiting for them to kiss, but I’ll take the funny ending with Ruri telling her maids that they are dating because Arma didn’t mad up and tell her what that hand gesture meant.[/spoiler]

In still frame, this looks kind of funny... >_<

Kamisama Dolls – 07 [spoiler]

This episode starts off by throwing us straight into the past showing us what happened between Kyohei and Aki. This episode caught my attention right away because it really threw in a major dramatic element to the series. I wasn’t expecting an illicit relationship between a student and teacher. Watching Aki take control of the Doll and murder all of the Kuga people made me feel very sorrowful toward his character. I honestly felt nothing for Aki before that happened, but now I understand and I want to know more. They still have yet to reveal why he lost his Seki status in the first place and I believe it has something to do with the opening scene of episode 1. Also, watching Aki take control of his doll again makes me wonder if Kyohei is ever going to regain control of his doll. For some reason I don’t see this series ending with a “Happily Ever After,” instead I feel like it will end something like Hamlet.[/spoiler]

Kamisama no Memochou – 07 [spoiler]

We are approaching the finale for this arc and I must say that I am confused about it all. It was interesting finding out what happened between Renji and the 4th, but the thing I don’t understand yet is Yoshiki’s role in all of this. This might be a bit strange to say, but I hope that he isn’t actually Hison after some kind of sex change.. I think the money used to open the store after Hison was killed was sent to him and he is holding his gut making the statement that he is weak. Old stab wound maybe? I don’t know, but something isn’t adding up completely. I know he does embroidery, much like Renji’s shirt. Maybe there was some kind of love triangle between Hison, Yoshiki, and the Mob Boss. Lastly, the Ven Har poster made me laugh. If you don’t know, it is a parody of the movie Ben Hur and they changed the name to get by licensing issues, but even still… why would anyone have a Ben Hur movie poster? Seems like an odd choice to me.[/spoiler]

I guess I should cancel my Church of Satan Christmas Party..

Ao no Exorcist – 19 [spoiler]

I heard this was a filler episode so I skimmed through some of the manga and found out that this is! Not only that, but the last episode was also filler and even more surprising, I didn’t see anything about Yukio and the rash on his arm. So I am getting an unpleasent feeling that the last several episodes of this season are all going to be filler. I did like the filler song a lot. The whole scene really got to me as it was both touching and appeasing to the heart. Overall it was a pretty fun episode at least, not like typical filler which tends to rub me the wrong way. With that set aside, I wasn’t planing on blogging this episode because besides the filler song and emotional flash backs there wasn’t much to talk about, but I did find this episode strangely appropriate because it is my birthday on Wednesday and they are celebrating birthdays~[/spoiler]

"Good Night" kiss my ass.

No. 6 – 07 [spoiler]

Oh no he didn’t. :O[/spoiler]