Mirai Nikki starts off the second round of the games with a bang! This episode actually starts to reveal a lot about the games and the people he is going to have to fight. The beginning of the episode he struggles with the fact that Yuno is in fact stalking him, but as it turns out she has the perfect diary for him because it tells the future of Amano himself. I am absolutely in love with the creepy vibes she lets off. Personally I don’t see the problem with having a hawt stalker. Most stalkers are insanely creepy and ugly to boot, but she is only insane and everyone knows that crazy people are the best in bed.


I mean, if she is putting out, you might as well... Am I right?


Before I get to talking about the other Diary owners that have been revealed, I just want to talk about the scale and violence that the games has already gone into. Involving the their school in such a high profile incident is kind of unique in my opinion. I got the impression that this series would’ve kept that level of involvement out of it and would’ve been more of a secret game. I am impressed that they already started murdering entire classrooms of people. That shows this series is ready to unleash hell and that’ll make predicting the next thing that much harder. I was shocked when Yuno started running through the halls letting all those people die because they were going to let Amano die. Although I didn’t think she looked crazy enough. I doubt the manga would’ve done a good job because I’ve seen some comparison shots and things look a lot tamer.

Amano’s character is getting better. He finally gained some conviction in the episode and I am only hoping that he gets stronger as the series progresses. Nothing is worst than a cry baby main character that never grows. I liked how he stepped up in the end and was willing to sacrifice himself to protect everyone. If that doesn’t earn him friends in the next episode, then I don’t know what will. Although you could also make the case that what happened to them was because of Amano. It was pretty cool how he stabbed Uryuu in the eye. I am looking forward to see how this event effects his school life, if there is still a school to go to.


I wish I was that poll. I wonder where the other end of it is? :3


Three more of the competitors have been revealed and one is even cuter than Yuno, but a hell of a lot crazier. I liked how Uryuu pretty much took the entire school hostage and even used them to capture Amano. Her diary though is a bit stupid, but I imagine the diary of escape should prove to make her character last for a long time in the anime. Kurusu is the other contestant who entered the game, but I don’t know if I can fully trust him yet. He joined forces with Yuno and Amano at the end, but I don’t know why anyone would say that they aren’t interested in being God. It seems like everyone else has some kind of psychological disorder, so I am just waiting on his to appear. I did think it was stupid how Kurusu told Uryuu that she wouldn’t be able to escape with her wound. Having your eye poked out sucks, but it is hardly a wound that would immobilize you. The third contestant that was revealed in episode 2 was in fact Amano’s teacher. You probably don’t even remember him because he lacked screen time, but it was somewhat of an interesting turn of events, even if he is already out of the game.

Let me explain this scene: Yuno grabs Uryuu's poll and jerks it off, causing Uryuu to explode her load.


The omake ending in episode 2 made me love the series even more and will make me pay much more attention to the minor details of the series. Pointing out how the characters have already interacted with Amano in various ways was incredibly interesting and has shown that they are putting a lot of thought into the anime. The story feels much more impressive.

Before I wrap this up, this series has inspired me to do more. I decided that I am going to create a flow chart of the contestants for Mirai Nikki. I’ll use the anime as the guide so I won’t reveal anything past the episode that has been released, but I figured it would be a good way to keep track of the characters and what they are doing. I’ll work on it this week and I’ll keep it up to date after each episode has been released. Mirai Nikki is obviously a complex series and this will help us follow the anime closer.


 [stream provider=video flv=x:/www.anivision.org/wp-content/uploads/videos/Mirai Nikki Opening.flv img=x:/www.anivision.org/wp-content/uploads/videos/Mirai Nikki Opening.jpg embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

Amuro did it so I felt compelled to do it too, but because I am too lazy to take screens I just clipped the video. I didn’t really like it the first time I listen to it, but the more I listen the more I like it. It does fit the series well because it is hard and has an intense sound to it.

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