Most Anticipated: Gintama
I really tried hard not to pick this one, but in reality it is one of my all time favorite anime, so I just can’t help but be excited. Gintama is one of those rare anime that have the ability to make you laugh till it hurts, feel sad until you cry, and make your heart pump till all your hairs stand on end. It just just a fabulous anime that everyone should be watching.
Summer’s Darkhorse: Btooom!
Madhouse has a winner with this series. Everything I’ve seen about it I’ve liked. Survival series might be what is popular now, but if they handle this right, then there is no reason to think it will bomb.
Please Don’t Make Me Watch This!: Girls und Panzer
Despite my German heritage, this is the one show I don’t want to see. I am never a fan of these kinds of comedies about young girls. It is the kind of show that is marketed toward the creepy otaku that wear headbands with tight t-shirts and go to idol hand shaking events with semen on their hands.

Most Anticipated: Psycho-Pass
I’m very curious to see the next Urabochi Gen anime. The premise sounds really cool and I expect I.G. to do a great job with the animation.
Summer’s Darkhorse: Medaka Box: Abnormal
Abnormal has the opportunity to be a sequel that is better than the original. While Gainax needs to sharpen their skills with animating, the story should see a turn that will get people interested in the overall story of Medaka Box.
Please Don’t Make Me Watch This!: Zetsuen no Tempest
I say this to save me from the potential disappointment.

Most Anticipated: Chuuninbyou demo koi ga shitai!
It’s Kyoani, it’s an interesting premise, there’s little more to say. When it comes to Kyoani, I expect them to inject some breathtaking animation and artistry into normal everyday happenings. It’s safe to say that Kyoani makes the mundane fantastic. That said, it’ll be fun to see them animate the delusions of these characters and bring to life an adolescent romance.
Summer’s Darkhorse: Shin Sekai Yori
I don’t know much about it, but it has the distinction of being made by A-1 pictures, which is a fine studio. If nothing else, I have a feeling the show will look great, and I can only hope the story will surprise me as well.
Please Don’t Make Me Watch This!: Kamisama Kiss
I’m sick and tired of Yokai and spirits and the romances that follow. Just looking at the main image and the description is enough to be a complete turn off for me. There’s a lot of stuff this season that I could point out and tell you I won’t be watching, but this is the one that jumps right out at me when I’m asked to pick one I really don’t want to watch.