Outbreak Company
Action, Fantasy

Everything about this anime just strikes me as weird. It’s got your typical “guy gets transported to a fantasy world” set up. The difference being is that instead of becoming a hero, the main character must use his otaku knowledge to spread…moe culture to this new world. It really is a strange set up and seems to be set up as a comedy. Yet, the description claims that the story will delve into more serious matters as it goes on. In any case, this one doesn’t really have a grasp on my attention and in such a strong season, it could easily be a candidate for dropping early on.

Golden Time
Comedy, Romance
J.C. Staff

This is a J.C. Staff adaptation of a story by Takemiya Yuyuko, the woman who wrote Toradora! Anyone who has seen Toradora knows of what an amazing and gripping love story that series is and it’s expected for a new anime series by the same writer and animation studio to get some hype. This one starts off after Tada Banri falls off a bridge and loses his memory and soul, goes to law school and meets Mitsuo Yanagisawa, and then later they see a beautiful woman named Kaga Kouko (Yui Horie). She and Mitsuo made a promise to marry each other as kids. Seriously, can we tell anime kids to stop making such big commitments at such a young age and not take them so seriously? Joking aside, I’m really looking forward to this story and the likely feels it will make me feel.

Infinite Stratos 2
Scifi, Harem

Here’s a show that is extremely divisive. You either fall in the love it or hate it category, but even amongst the love-its, which girl is best girl is a dangerous battlefield. I fall in the love it side of the fence, because mecha girls is pretty much all I need to say here. About season 2 specifically, I’m still a bit unsure as to whether this is going to be a full-fledged sequel to the first, or if it’s more of a reboot. Either way, I’m ready to see Houki win the Ichika. (Suck it, Charlotte fans.)

Strike the Blood
Action, Supernatural
Silver Link

There is no good way to describe this and make it sound interesting. We have a legendary vampire who will cause a catastrophe if he masters the “12 kenju,” so in order to prevent that a government organization sends a trainee to stop him. The trailer shows some high flying action, but again there was nothing that made me interested or excited about the series. Sliver Link has been hit and miss when it comes to their anime. I’ll at the very least watch an episode or two to see if it is worth anything, but I highly doubt it.

Freezing Vibration
Action, Scifi

Yay for more anime about girls fighting each other while an alien species is invading the planet! Season 1 was far from a showcase of why I enjoy reading the manwha, but Vibration will feature what manwha fans like myself widely consider Freezing’s best arc which takes place in Alaska. There will be some more Pandora girls introduced in addition to some other characters (hint: Season 1’s final seconds) and the plot will have more of a political angle with certain authorities playing a role in matters. Now I can’t be 100% sure, but they might end up skipping a specific arc after where season 1 ended to get to this point, which I think might be needed if this arc is to be done in 12 episodes. It’ll be cold, so expect things to get nippy, and yup I just went there.

Yusibue (Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku o Ketsui Shimashita.)
Comedy, Fantasy

So this is pretty much like a lame version of Hataraku Maou-sama… A young man wants to become a hero, but the Demon King gets defeated so he goes to work at an electronics store. Soon after a young girl applies to work there too, but she just so happens to be the Demon King’s daughter. If that sounds like an annoying show, then you wouldn’t be the only person who thought that. It just sounds bad and after watching the trailer with just the girl talking, I got even more annoyed by it. At the very least I hope it can go the route of Hagure Yuusha no Estetica or Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao and give us some boobies to look at.

Log Horizon
Fantasy, Action

For those who love anime where gamers are stuck in a video game world, Satelight finds this light novel series to adapt into a 25-episode anime. If I were to be stuck in a game world, I’d like it to be Borderlands 2. So many interesting and fun people, and weapons can be found and swapped easily. You also know why I go B2? The New-U station can technically revive me so even if I were to die in the game world, I get respawned at a nearby checkpoint and wouldn’t have to fear actual death so long as New-U reanimates me. Win win.