Drama, Horror
Studio Deen

Pupa is about two siblings who find themselves all alone, but one day the little sister undergoes a transformation that turns her into a monster that eats humans. It seems like the theme of eating people is becoming increasingly popular in Japan. Even still, this show sounds deliciously entertaining. I love psychological thrillers like this and I am excited to see what happens. With this premise, I just hope Studio Deen delivers on what sounds to be a very violent and dark anime. The one thing I am concerned about, this is an ongoing manga and dark series like this rarely get sequels. I just hope that they can think of a good anime original ending so we aren’t stuck with a forever uncompleted anime.

Slice of Life, Comedy
Studio Deen

I’m going to give this show credit for being the most random club anime ever. There are a lot of club anime out there, but none of them are about anything as random as a glasses club. There really isn’t a lot to go on. This is an anime original series, so there is no material, and it doesn’t really have a good trailer that shows us what to expect. I won’t write it off just yet because although the premise is kind of dumb, it is ridiculous enough to make me laugh. Maybe that is what it is going for… Even if it is terrible, as long as you have a glasses fetish, you’ll love this series.

Tokyo Ravens
Action, Supernatural

I think the recurring theme for the season is generic action anime. This one in particular is about a girl who recruits a childhood friend to be her familiar and to fight for her. I think it is going to be one of those seasons where everyone has their own opinion of which one of these action series are good and which are bad. Personally, out of the shows I’ve looked at, this one seems like the worst. I doubt I’ll make it past the first episode.

Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road
Action, Scifi
Kinema Citrus

This is a rather odd project that actually spans 10 years of different media releases (CDs, manga, etc.), and disinterest and uncertainty about this anime made it our final draft pick for this Fall Preview post. It’s a mecha mixed-media project with multiple hands involved like card game company Bushiroad, anime studio Kinema Citrus, Bandai Visual and game company Nitroplus. If this picture is a sneak-peek, then my interest would be at least a tick higher than the primary promo pic. I’m not really expecting much of anything from this anime, if it’s even a thing that registers on my radar past this preview.

More Thoughts
Most Anticipating: Kill la Kill
The reason why we’ve discussed Gainax being a shell of its former self is because key personnel left Gainax to form Trigger, the studio animating Kill la Kill. The character designs, hand-drawn animation and the over-the-top look of the series, plus Trigger’s recent success with Little Witch Academia has Kill la Kill at the top of my preseason rankings.
Sports of All Sorts: Balls, Bikes and Hits
Plenty of sports anime out there this season. The only one I’m really not interested in is Kuroko no Basuke since I tried to get into that one and the anime wasn’t quite gelling with me. I know I’ll like Ippo and maybe Ace of Diamond, but Yowamushi Pedal is one I’m very curious about. Btw, it was “Hits” I wrote in case your eyes deceived you earlier.
Look Out For: Assassination Classroom OVA
This is a Shonen Jump manga that’s getting an OVA episode in October, and I got a feeling that this situation is somewhat similar to Mirai Nikki’s in how it got a mini-OVA episode before eventually getting an anime maybe a year or so later. I’ve been reading the manga for a little while and have had much fun reading about this class of kids trying to assassinate their teacher. When time comes for a TV anime, Koro-sensei will be a fan favorite.

Most Anticipating: Golden Time
An anime from the same author and studio that brought us Toradora? Hells yea! Toradora is easily one of the best romantic anime I’ve seen, so I don’t think I could be any more excited. This series is set in college, which I hope gives it a much more mature feeling. I always love a good romance anime, but many series never get pass the harem stage. I like the ones that frustrate me and make me want to cry. I am hoping that this series manages to give that same emotional gut punch that Toradora did.
Snack Time: Pupa
I love psychological thrillers, especially ones that make you gasp in shock when you watch it. It makes you say, “WTF, I didn’t see that coming.” Pupa has the best chance of doing that this season. Its just been too long since I’ve seen one that I truly loved. Aku no Hana was pretty good, but the animation just failed on so many levels and it ended with the promise of a second season that’ll never happen. I hope Studio Deen pulls out all the stops to make sure it delivers and with some kind of reasonable ending.
Pot of Gold: Gundam Rainbow
If you ever wondered what would happen if Gundam SEED had sex with Angelic Layer, then you have now found your answer. There have been a lot of odd Gundam shows, but I must say this looks like the most ridiculous one. It is a model builder’s wet dream to be able to actually fight the models they make. I know Bandai is going to make mad gold on all the people going out and buying models kits after they watch this show.

Most Anticipating: Gundam Build Fighters
In a season with so many stand-out shows, it was really difficult to pick just one that I’m anticipating the most, but in the end, I had to go with my fanboy roots. Gundam Build Fighters just has so much potential. With the same script writer as Gundam 00 and tons of fan service for long time Gundam fans, this show has so much potential. Even if the characters or story end up being disappointing, I’m setting my expectations appropriately and mainly looking forward to the sweet Gunpla action.
Sakuga Spotlight: Kill la Kill, Kyokai no Kanata, Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~
I’m not the animation trivia expert that Animeblue is, but these three shows stand out to me as amazing animation showcases. Kyokai no Kanata is coming to us from Kyoto Animation. Their shows always look gorgeous, but with an action/fantasy setting, I’m drooling with anticipation as to what they’ll do. Imaishi and his team WILL NOT disappoint with Kill la Kill, and if you think those expectations are too high, they set the bar themselves. Lastly, just look at that PV for ~Hana no Uta~. If I’m missing anything, I’m sure Animeblue will point it out.
Sequels Galore: Magi 2, Valvrave 2, IS2
There are plenty of sequels coming in the fall, but that’s not a bad thing. I’m definitely looking forward to more Magi as it was a shounen action/fantasy anime from A-1 pictures that I really enjoyed. The ending to the first season would have been a huge detriment to that show if I didn’t know there was more on the way. Valvrave was split into two seasons by design, a tactic that Sunrise has used before with Code Geass and Gundam 00 before it. I’m ready to see if we’ll get some answers as to what the Valvraves really are and what new twists we’ll get. IS2 is really more of a guilty pleasure, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see more.