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The PS Vita highlights an interesting lineup of gaming in the month of February. Including Kingdoms of Amalur, The Darkness II, and Jak & Dexter HD Collection! Continue reading


Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price announced earlier this week that the studio will no longer be making Resistance games in the series. Continue reading

The Knight in the Area

If you rely upon the Anivision season previews to see what great new shows are coming out, you might wonder what’s up with this soccer show. Area no Kishi slipped under our radar. This is a sports anime about Kakeru … Continue reading


These are just a few of my favorites from 2011’s slate of gaming. Continue reading


Sure, you’re still playing that shiny new game you unwrapped, but 2012 won’t wait for any of us to launch some good games. Continue reading


Time to take a swim with the lovely mermaids of Fishman Island! Continue reading


This chapter was a bit of an infodump while giving the Strawhats a reason to hurry the hell out of Fishman Island. Continue reading


OP manga coverage is back on Anivision! The Fishman Island arc concludes with an offer and a shocking reveal. (MANGA READERS ONLY) Continue reading


Mario Kart and Star Wars have December pretty much all to themselves on shelves, but a worthy challenger appears out of the iOS camp. Continue reading


A new trailer and an official episode count for the Black Rock Shooter anime series have been revealed. Continue reading