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This weeks episode took a turn for the interesting. The name of the episode was Mest and he was a character that puzzled me when he first arrived. It was like suddenly there was this new powerful guy that use to be a disciple of Mystogan. Just didn’t settle with me… Continue reading


Persona 4 The Animation has finally aired, and Amuro’s got impressions on the episode and The Anime Network’s stream. Continue reading


The PSN is already back up in partial capacity, but when the PSN Store is back in full swing, Sony will be kicking off a special Welcome Back program for all the Playstation fans that have stuck with Sony through thick and thin. Among the many perks, the most notable is easily.. Continue reading


In the history of movie-themed games, it’s tough to find many that are of good quality. Also this month, Motorstorm Apocalypse finally releases after delays from Japan’s earthquake/tsunami disaster and Rockstar brings out the much anticipated L.A. Noire. Continue reading


Starting right where episode 1 left off, we have Jinta talking to Poppo about Menma and the wish that they are desperately trying to remember. We find a lot about Poppo. He doesn’t go to school, but instead travels around the world.. Continue reading


This post is late. While I won’t wiggle an excuse out, I think the post is timely as the 19th is the biggest day for game releases this month. Continue reading


When I was thinking about which shows I might blog for the Spring season, Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, aka Ano Hana, really stood out to me. I loved.. Continue reading


We’ve reached what is the conclusion of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka’s primary conflict as the final showdown between Yoru no Ou and Ayumu goes down. Continue reading


Yuu’s been gone for 5 months. Aikawa, Haruna and Sera are still looking for her. Continue reading


Since June 2010 when Satoru Iwata brought the 3DS out at E3, the gaming world has been anxious to get its hands (and eyes) on the 3DS and see what this system can do and how it can do 3D without “goofy goggles”. Today the system released in the US. Continue reading