We’ve reached what is the conclusion of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka’s primary conflict as the final showdown between Yoru no Ou and Ayumu goes down.

"Sorry Ayumu, we couldn't find your penis."

I’ve come to accept Haruna as my favorite from the series and was glad to see her be the motivation Ayumu needed to wake up and fight for Yuu. After 9 episodes, Haruna was also finally able to become a Masou Shoujo again and did her patented Mystletaiin Kick alongside Ayumu before being sailed across the world by Yoru no Ou. The split-screen transformation sequence wasn’t really a good choice for animation, but it was pretty fun to see them work together and King to be even surprised that the technique wasn’t an actual kick. Much like how Aikawa got cuter back in episode 4, Haruna also got to increase her cute factor while they were attacking Yoru no Ou.

Sweet scene, though him being naked takes a bit away from it.

I guess it's alright for him to walk around the house like that now.

Yuu speaks , but it’s really strange how she suddenly is able to talk to Aikawa. Was Yoru no Ou the only reason why she didn’t? It’s so sudden that I was amazed when she talks, but reflecting back, it seems like it’s the most rewarding way to end the arc. She likes to write a lot of messages, but I wouldn’t have taken her to be so chatty. When she said Aikawa wouldn’t be happy, she probably meant that there’d be another woman in his home talking at him. What about her armor? Can she remove that now that she can’t kill with her words? Penguins use to be a favorite animal of mine, but I never wanted to be them like Yoru no Ou does. Maybe he meant Pittsburgh Penguin.

Thanks to drinking some of Yuu's blood, Sera is able to play the violin to fend off Megalos.

This was a weird arc of Zombie desu ka for me. Yoru no Ou is a cool bad guy, but not as fun as Kyoko was back in episodes 5 & 6. There were fun moments, but nothing like early on in the series. Before I continue, let me state that I know nothing about how the visual novels progress. From what the anime showed me, I feel like stuff was left out and that the final episode was very fanservicey in its rewarding of everything to the viewer. Sera is able to fend off the megalos with the help of Seraswati, Haruna gains her powers back, Yoru no Ou dies and Yuu speaks. There’s a lot going on in one episode. It all comes and goes so fast that it’s tough to appreciate all of those parts individually. I’m hopeful for a season 2, but seeing these recent events play out make me think this is only gonna be a 12-episode deal. Maybe something at the end of this next week’s episode will tease a season 2.

Punching Into Darkness

Haruna has her powers back!

Looking really cute, you two!

The episode by itself is a whole lot of fun. I do think the action in this episode rivals episode 5 & 6, perhaps even better than it, and all of scenery added a grand scale to everything. We really didn’t get to see more of Yoru no Ou’s ability aside from his usual use of darkness, but I enjoyed the fight between Aikawa and him with Aikawa punching through his face.

Too late, Yuu. Already busted his face.

The next episode seems like a beach episode, which I think is actually the proper sendoff for the anime. While the drama and action were a surprise and in some cases pleasant, others not so much, I felt that slice-of-life was Kore wa Zombie’s forte. While I was surprised and welcoming of Zombie’s more dramatic moments (especially any Yuu/Aikawa moments), I enjoyed Zombie the most when it was funny and didn’t really have an exact goal. I liked when a megalo wearing a school uniform tried to feel up Aikawa, not knowing there’d be testicles there. I liked when the group went bowling and Orita was all up in Aikawa’s business.

The reunion we've waited 2 episodes for!

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