Today is a sad day for One Piece. This weeks chapter has committed the ultimate taboo. It created filler for the anime. Sure, a few weeks ago, Oda referenced stuff that had happened in the filler in the manga, but that was just a panel. This week he created a way for the anime to do full episodes by animating references he made in the manga. I do not believe next week or any other week will ever show what happens to Sanji during the Okama-kempo stuff. That will be for the anime only. This is sad, cause never have I read a manga that has done this. Sure, there have been series to reference something and it not happen, but the anime animates it, but I am confident that this was created for the anime, not the other way around.

Bonney in chains > Chibi Bonney

That wasn’t it either, if that had happened I would have been sadden, but not so disappointed as I am now. One thing that set One Piece apart from most other shounen series was that there wasn’t any training. Well, Zoro is the exception because that is what he does, he trains. The other characters developed their skills thru their adventures and I loved that. When Zoro told everyone not to fear when Ussop was lost during the Enies Lobby arc because he had grown into a capable character due to what they had gone threw, I loved that. This week we got to see both Sanji and Chopper start training arcs, which is sad cause this series isn’t about training! Sure I might be venting cause I want to see Luffy and everyone back together again, which it didn’t happen, but this is unacceptable. I bet the next few weeks will be about the others and how they will train to get stronger. I know Oda wanted to stress how dangerous the New World is, but didn’t he also want everyone to know that the Straw Hat Pirates aren’t your average pirate crew? I just hope the manga gets back on track soon so I can start reading the One Piece I know and love.

If you are going to become a superhero, don't use your real name.

Just in closing this weeks chapter did clear up a few questions, like which one of the Rookies did Black Beard beat, but I doubt that will be the last we see of Bonney. Bonney was a fairly interesting character, so it would be sad to see her written off so easily. The rest of the chapter kind of sucked though, I don’t think many people really cared about Chopper and the idiot kingdom he is in. Sanji, well, I am too heartbroken to talk about how many favorite non-Luffy One Piece pirate is getting shit on by Oda himself. Seriously, Okama cooking? I can understand training in Okama-kempo, but cooking that can make the crew stronger? Again, lets just hope things get back on track soon.