Isn's she just a doll?

Yukimura has come a long way since the end of episode 4 where she couldn’t control her ability. While she can’t really sustain her Master Samurai mode for too long, she can easily activate it without having Muneakira kiss her or him being chained down. She’s also developed a certain love for him, even questioning her own chest size and if Mune prefers bigger-breasted women. I have to say that today has been rather crummy for me, so when I saw Yukimura smile and look so fucking adorable as Muneakira was carrying her back to the guesthouse, it made me smile and the rest of the day is going to be great!

Muneakira be pimpin with his Master Samurai hoes.

This week, Sen becomes the newest Master Samurai. Given her already excessive lusting over Muneakira pre-kissing, which, by the way, that is some erotic fantasy that girl has! Yukimura did not order the books for what Sen has in mind. Anyways, Sen came out looking all cool and hot and stuff and easily broke off Naoe’s hammer. And for the girl most nervous of kissing Muneakira, she did it pretty casually.

Sen works up the courage to kiss Mune. Her reward? Amazing strength and a stylish wardrobe.

The show started off pretty strong on the side of drama, but the last two episode’s focal point has been comedy. If the comedy works, then you’re a-ok, and fortunately, Samurai Girls can be a funny show. The scene with Yuki and Naoe as kids had a charm to it with the old film style presentation, and of course the nudity-filled scene with Sen and Jubei had some funny moments. It snuck in a little bit of plot with Yoshihiki, so it’s doing its deed this week of keeping the main plot around and relevant. It’s just a weird thing when you hear a guy say he has diplomacy homework to do. The school element of it really isn’t necessary since nothing about Samurai Girls feels really school-y.

The Breast of the Rest:

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