Uzume dies in Minato's arms.

Indeed, the events of the anime’s episode 10 were a precursor to what would happen in the manga. ¬†Uzume dies, and in a much more sad and more acceptable way than what happened in the anime. Chapter 107 goes thru her death and with Natsuo and part of the Disciplinary Squad arriving to pick up Uzume.

The Demon Ashikabi sets fire to her room.

Chapter 108 shifts back to Shiina and Yukari, who have been separated for sometime by Higa, who was clever enough to place doubt between Yukari and Shiina about their relationship. Pictures like the one above exemplify why Yukari is my favorite of the Ashikabi bunch. She gets her badass moments, can take action on her own, and of course her weirdly pervish nature. She jumps 50 floors from the building as Shiina catches her, but she actually thinks of Minato as she’s falling. At some point in the series, Minato is due to rescue little sis.

The Jinki can retie broken bonds, and get Miya naked.

Chapter 109 gives hope for Uzume, which sort of gives a proper explanation as to why MBI invoked a rule that all losing Sekirei need to be picked up by them. Any Sekirei that’s died has the chance to eventually come back, but maybe the MBI would reconstruct them to be stronger and more obedient of Game Master and the Disciplinary Squad. By the end of the anime’s second season, I came to find Minaka annoying, but still found likability in him here in the manga. With this, it brings out a quality of him that I thought didn’t exist; that he’s just a cheater and doesn’t really have a strong interest in “just watching it play out”. Also, a bit of a surprise scene at the end with Miya. You gotta think she just got a step closer to fighting in this Sekirei Plan.

It’s really difficult to write much on the manga because little happens, little is said over a 20-page chapter, and it comes out only once a month. Artistically, it looks good, but it doesn’t look like a month or whatever time went into it. If only we could get Sakurako to go weekly with Sekirei could it be more fun. But as this mini-arc ends, I believe we either return to Phase 3, or we move on to something else.