In mortal danger, yet they have time to stop and make a cup of joe..

Instead of starting with the beginning, I am going to start with the end of the episode because I am sure most of us are somewhat confused on not only how it ended, but with the next episode is going to be about. Curious I looked up some information on Level E and I found out the way the manga is set up is that it is in a bunch of short stories about aliens on Earth. When I was watching the show I thought it was going to be a prolonged story about the Prince and his devious ways, but apparently that isn’t the case. I find that disappointing because I found the characters  a lot of fun and wanted to see much more of them, but at the same time I am very interested in seeing how Level E plays out. Plus it makes it a more interesting show to blog as the story will change from arc to arc.

Kraft really needed this..

The episode starts where it ended, back with the trashcan with the Disckonian shoved inside it playing dead. As soon as they knew he wasn’t human they also figured that he wasn’t dead, so he leapt out of the trashcan gave them a warning of the impending doom and ran off, putting Craft and the others into a bad situation. I loved that Kraft’s first response was to take Yukitaka and Miho hostage since the Disckonians wouldn’t harm humans. Kraft’s second response was to get back the memories of the Prince, since he was bound to know their weakness. The look of glee on Captain Kraft’s face was one of those kodak moments that should never be forgotten. Of course since that didn’t work, but certainly alleviated Kraft’s stress, Yukitaka remembered the device recovered by Dr. Edogawa and they turned to it. With the Disckonians breaking through the wall and coming in, I really had no idea what was going to happen next.

It appears that the excitable stooge and the woman whose face screams XXXX me are confused.

The best part of the episode is certainly the discovery that this has been an elaborate hoax, to be more exact, it was a reality TV show set up by the Prince in order to prank everyone. I loved how the static fuzz, which I thought to be some kind of conspiracy TV thing, was just the footage of them. I think once we started to watch the commercial of the TV show the puzzled look of Yukitaka and Miho was perfect because I too was just as puzzled as they were. I doubt any of us realized the way this was going to end. This whole thing being a joke obviously made Kraft snap as he went into  a rage and tried to shoot Prince. I loved how in the end the whole thing was just a set up and the Disckonians where just some avid baseball fans that wanted to see Yukitaka on TV and of course wanted his autograph. It is just too bad that in the end with Prince coming back to Earth after the united universe thing was over didn’t turn into the main focus of the anime.

After seeing her in that outfit, I definitely want to XXXX her.. :O

Level E has a lot of promise, however, I am a bit down about the show having such a comedic twist instead of it keeping the alien mystery part. I hope that is not the last we see of Yukitaka, Prince, and Captain Kraft. I really thought those characters where very interesting. While I am disappointed that the Prince’s arc is seemingly over, I am definitely excited to see what kind of alien adventure awaits us next.

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