Instead of thinking of funny things to say I am just going to post some sexy images~

It might be late, but it is here! Starting off episode 6 we get our 5 heroes travelling to defeat the evil Craft so they can get the key to remove the bracelets. I love how when they get there you see our favorite Disckonians still around enjoying baseball. When they finally get to Craft’s house they find that he is perfectly willing to give the boys the key, but they have to at least act like they fought in order to fool Prince Baka. Once they get the key and find out how to remove it, they have to list all the girls they like. I thought it was really funny watching Osamu trying to name all the girls he liked. The next day, after three of them removed their bracelets, they met in class only to find that Prince Baka had set up a trap that would send them to a distant planet to play a real life RPG, Dragon Quest VII.

This makes me want to lay down with this sexy assassin~

The best part of this episode was the entry into Dragon Quest VII. Having forced the guys into a situation that made them use their powers they finally realized that having those powers might actually be a lot of fun. I thought the powers of Yellow and Blue were quite hysterical. The training/adventure sequence was great and even the annoying back ground track gave it an epic feeling, but I was not to sure about the monsters that were just a big head and a set of testicles. I won’t sugar coat it since I know what is coming up, but it definitely did a good job of making me think that Prince Baka had kidnapped Rina to play the roll of the princess.

It might be fun to put on a dress and just twirl around! 😀

Episode 7 started with the heroes making their way to the castle to meet the king and save the princess. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that it was Prince Baka and I won’t deny it, but he makes one damn fine trap. When Blue hit Baka with the king I started having Gintama flashbacks and loved every minute of it. With the Demon Kings overwhelming power the heroes had to find a way to defeat him before they were caught in an even bigger problem. Prince Baka entertaining the Demon King was really funny. It made me question my sexuality a bit.

Just keep telling yourself it is a trap, then you won't get turned on as badly.

In the end this was all just another well designed misdirection and a greatly crafted punch line. The Demon King not really knowing what his purpose was, only that he didn’t want to be like his creator was a great way to end the arc. It does seem like the Prince to forget to program him. I loved how Prince Baka broke down and started telling the Heroes to entertain him more, but instead they unleashed the mighty power of “Golden Hammer” to lay a bit of justice on the Prince’s ass. If only Craft was there to see it.. I also loved how the heroes teleported back in the end, was a nice gag to end the arc. Either way this arc was quite funny, it questioned my sexual preferences, and it did a good job of keeping the bar high for the next arc.

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