So a Zombie Masou Shoujou, a Masou Shoujou, a Necromancer and two Kyuketsu Ninjas walk into a mall…

The Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Family Christmas Card

Ayumu was one cool dude up until he got his glasses taken away. I literally went “NOOO!!” at my TV when it was Sera that took them from him. Ah man… oh well. Maybe they’ll fly in the air one episode and magically place themselves upon Ayumu’s face. Let’s hope for our sake (and for his after the incredible physical and verbal abuse he received this week). The glasses actually were meant for Sera and they seem to reveal more than just underwear. Her looking at the message she received and then looking at Hellscythe was no doubt foreshadowing of what was to happen at the end of this episode.

Be careful with those, Sera. Ayumu might be a commando-type guy,

Continuing the slice-of-life style that Zombie is more accustomed too, Tomonori is being proactive in trying to get along with Ayumu. Her cooking is good, but her use of condiments is a little obsessive. Previous podcast guest Crimson King use to put an excessive amount of ketchup on her burger or fries, and while it didn’t look like how Ayumu’s meal ended up, I think I’d have to take the hamburger bun and sweep off some of the ketchup before eating.


One little bit about Kyuketsu Ninja was dropped this week, as it seems to be that they have almost like two different political viewpoints, with progressive and conservative types. Surely there’ll be a season 2 (hope!) where that little plot point can be more prominently featured.

Isn't it the girl that's supposed to dress sexy?

This is what happens when I push the iPhone snooze button too many times...

In fairness to Ayumu, kiss or no kiss, this was likely to happen.

It was teased a tad in episode 5 about Haruna actually kind of liking Ayumu, but I’m surprised how jealous she was after he and Tomo got married. My only little gripe is that Haruna and Tomonori never argued with each other; considering the show’s obsession with beating up the zombie guy, something about the girls fighting would’ve made for a fairly decent change of pace comedy-wise. Haruna actually asked him to kiss her toward the end of the episode, but as Ayumu always does, he questions before he acts. Though the pacing was quick enough to make you think it was a one-off bit, Haruna still holds feelings for him even as she’s pummeling the zombie. They also cleared up Sera sucking Haruna’s blood from episode 5; they aren’t married.

Well, at least they're playing more defense than in the NBA.

If Maskdonalds could give me muscles like that guy, I'd be in the NFL instead of typing this caption.

Probably the best/most perverted purchase Ayumu could make at the mall.

We see a mysterious gir… oh, it’s a guy. Anyways, we see a mysteriously guy approach Yuu and later she is missing from the group and her stuffed dolls she one from the crane machine. We know that Yuu had destroyed a zombie before and wondered about a black mist before, so this character is likely behind the whole King of Night thing that happened a couple episodes ago. It does seem odd that the opening teased stuff like the glasses and Kyoko, but I don’t really spot this guy in the opening theme; maybe he’s the creature that is over the Eiffel Tower toward the end of the opening. He also kind of looks like Ayumu.

That sandwich is too tall.

The pic above brings to mind a great moment I remember from comedian Todd Glass. He was on a podcast and the question came up, “What doesn’t belong on a sandwich?” He started talking about how he hates sandwiches that are really huge. He said, “stop bragging about the height of food. It should be the taste of it.” I can’t agree more. When I watch sports, sometimes they’ll show Around-the-City stuff with guys going to places that have foot-high hamburgers, and it always looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and just so damn greasy that it barely looks edible. And no matter however tall your burger is, any lettuce on it is too much lettuce. Don’t factor subs into this since they’re a foot across.


Personally, I felt this episode was too fluffy and happy. There were funny bits and still had a bit of the Zombie Desu ka charm attached to it and offered the slightest of hints (like that girl in Ayumu’s class that probably likes him, too), but too much of the episode was Ayumu trying to denounce the marriage and the appearance of what is considered to be the next enemy has me anxious for some more action from Zombie Desu ka? Check some of the images in the extra gallery for some full-sized shots.

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