For a man with no magical power left, he seems to give Natsu quite a bit of magical power..

Instead of posting a comentatry on the last 3 episodes, I decided to sum up the end of the Oración Seis arc in one clean post. I will go over Jellal’s actions, the fight between Natsu and Zero, talk about the outcomes, and post my overall thoughts on the arc as a whole. Starting right off with Jellal, I was definitely taken back by his actions. Jellal had been the bad guy and him remembering that Natsu was hope that was needed to win was strange to me since they were nemesis. By the end of the arc it seemed like Jellal had remembered everything, but was still willing to give in. I wonder if he really knew everything or was it still in bits and pieces. It is obvious that this won’t be the last we see of him since we still have many unanswered questions, mainly why Mystogan has Jellal’s face, so I am interested to see what develops later on.

I would imagine that they would have eyesight problems after being in such an intense light.

Natsu + Dragon = Badass

The fight between Natsu and Zero was all that it was built up to be. Him unleashing some mega power with the help of Jellal was a great way to put him on equal footing without having strange power balance issues that some shounen tend to have. Overall I thought the fight was great as we got to see Dragon Force in action. Obviously that probably isn’t the final form, but watching Natsu grow was a great way to settle the fight. I loved how the dragon itself showed up when he charged up like he was the dragon. Combining the overwhelming effect of Zero’s magic being burned away, the fast paced background track, and the dragon made Natsu’s final attack give me chills. They did a really great job of making it feel epic.

CaitShelter was kind of a dumb name for a guild anyway~

In episode 67 where they finally destroyed all of the lacrima’s I really liked how Wendy was able to use actual wind magic. It seemed kind of obvious that she could use wind since she was the sky dragon, but I guess her training got cut short when Grandine disappeared. Now that Wendy will join Fairy Tail I look forward to seeing how her power will develop. I doubt that she will join Natsu’s team just because healing power would be too powerful for the main cast to have, but I am definitely feeling the loli-vibe and want to see her in action again. I did think that it was strange that CaitShelter was built only for her. It seemed that if Roubaul was as strong as he was he should’ve just destroyed Nirvana long ago. It also makes me wonder if the other guild masters were in on the whole thing. Either way I was wondering how they would push her into Fairy Tail and the scene with her guild disappearing was very powerful.

Makes you just want to go up and give her a hug.. :'(

Episode 68 had to have been one of the most emotional episodes in Fairy Tail. Jellal excepting his fate causing Ezra to cry and having the emotional good bye of CaitShelter made it a very impacting episode. Ezra crying into the sunset with flashbacks of how she got her last name was something that the author and the anime staff did a good job of bringing to the series. I did think that it felt somewhat reminiscent of the end of The Tower of Heaven arc, but it gave a far more emotional feeling to it even though no one actually died. I did think it was a great way to push Wendy into Fairy Tail as well because of the connection her and Ezra now have with Jellal. Fairy Tail is doing a great job in constructing a story with a lot of intertwining characters and I don’t feel like it is cheating me by using somethings as connivance, like Richard’s brother being Wally.

KAWAII~ Rounbaul has great fashion sense!

Brining a close to the Oracion Seis arc, I must say it is definitely my favorite of the Fairy Tail arcs so far. The vast range of fights and characters gave a great variety to the arc. The story also played out very well, bringing a connection to the Tower of Heaven arc as well as laying the ground work for some future development. It looks like we will probably get a few filler episodes over the next few weeks, but I rather have programed filler than interruption filler because the anime gets too close to the manga releases. Oh yea, don’t forget Wendy still has to actually join Fairy Tail, which should prove for some very amusing moments.

Oh yea… WASHOI!!



Come on everybody~ WASHOI!

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