I would doom the human race for her..

If episode 08 showed us one thing, it was that the series does not need Prince Baka to keep it good. Kraft has always been a favorite of mine so I was excited to see him taking charge for this arc, but they did a really good job in making it funny. Everything was built up nicely too. It is kind of interesting how after breeding with the Queen all males become sterile. Makes me wonder why the men who don’t get to be with her just don’t revolt. It was great seeing Kraft trying to persuade Queen Saki that Earth was an awful planet filled with nothing but ignorant sex crazed humans. Even still Saki wanted to find her mate here. Saki’s stubbornness kind of reminded me a bit of Prince, but a more noble version of him.

He doesn't look nearly as good as the Prince does in a dress.

It would probably be best to just shoot the bastard now and get it over with.

One of my favorite parts about the episode was the interactions between Kraft, Sade, and Colin. I loved how Colin was falling for the queen even though he knew that it would bring an end to the Dogura race. The funniest part was definitely when Mikihisa and Saki fell in love at first sight. Kraft’s reaction was priceless and it just threw everyone off guard. Now with Saki in love Kraft’s duty to completely cock block Mikihisa was his priority. It was great watching him try and convince Mikihisa that Saki only saw her little brother in him. Even with the language barrier, it seemed kind of obvious that she was interested in Mikihisa. I was kind of surprised that Kraft assumed it was all right after that.

Lesbians ftw~

The chase between the two lovers and Kraft was fairly funny, but it really was the end that caught me by surprise. It crossed my mind that Mikihisa was a girl after Sade said he discovered something, but that was only because I have been watching Wondering Son this season, so I put it off. I am curious to see where this leads and I wouldn’t be surprised if Saki had lesbian feelings since she is the Queen of an all female race. This arc is proving to be quite funny, but there are only 4 episodes left which leaves me a bit saddened.


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