This week’s episode of Mirai Nikki has once again stepped up its game to new levels leaving us wondering what is going to happen next. We finally get an in depth look at Twelfth and we find out who Sixth is. All of this while furthering the insanity of Yuno making her a much creepier character than we could’ve ever imagined. Overall the episode was very impacting with mass killings and brutal violence.


You really don't want to make Priestess angry.. They be crazy~


We get a good look at Sixth and her diary in this episode. Her name is Tsubaki Kasugano and she is a partially blind priestess who runs a cult. Her diary utilizes her vast followers to find out information on the future. It is interesting seeing the various types of diaries. The first 6 people we saw all had the same type of phone diary, but now we see a scroll like diary. I am curious how the other diaries are going to turn out. Honestly I didn’t really find much to her character, but I loved the contrast that she provided against Yuno. Her character helped Yuno’s psychotic nature come to light brilliantly.


Last episode we had a taste of Twelfth, but this episode gave us a good look at him and his eccentricities. I laughed pretty hard at watching him thrust his pelvis all over the place. It made it look like he was humping the air. I am starting to like him quite a bit just for his perverse and twisted personality. He was choking himself out while changing into “hero” form! Plus he has this strange sense of justice. I am curious to find out how his dairy works, but I am guessing it is some kind of audio diary, which is what we saw in episode 3. It is cool that he is using hypnosis, but I am hoping it is more than that, ie drugs or something. It seems odd that one man can hypnotize that many people. I am curious about his end game. I still don’t know why he is keeping ninth trapped up like he is, but I’m not complaining. I do hope that the bluray releases removes some of the darkness from the scene.


I recommend you go with the crazy girl with a hatchet...

Yuno’s level of insanity has topped out when she starting killing the corpses. This episode gave me the chills while watching her. I’ll admit I am starting to like her more and more. The faces she had and the thoughts that went through her mind made me giggle more than once. I loved how she was constantly staring at him. If we didn’t know that she was mental then we would just assume that she was in love with him. Crazy as she is, she is very devoted to Yuki, even willing to kill Tsubaki just for getting close to him. Yukki is right to be disturbed by her, but at the same time he knows she has nothing but a Yukki diary so it makes more sense to go with her.

Also, with the new information I have updated the Character Breakdown page adding information about Sixth and Twelfth.

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