The second episode of Zetman has aired and I can’t say that I was disappointed. Admittedly, it didn’t meet all my expectations, but I can say that I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was interesting seeing the main characters years later. Konoha really didn’t change all that much, but both Jin and Kouta changed interestingly. I don’t think I really like Jin as much as I did in episode 1. I kind of liked his energy, naivete, and justice for money attitude that the younger version had. He is much more cool and calm now. Almost too much so.. I do think his character is unique in that he is deadpan most of the time, but still shows emotion by smiling. On the reverse of that, Kouta really turned into an interesting character. He use to be very idealistic, but now he has a more realistic view of the world and is very arrogant that his way is the right way. Opting to leave the mother to save the kids was kind of a douche move, but I got mad at him when he fought with Jin over him trying to save everyone. I think I am going to like the dynamics of the two characters.


The action was probably the one thing I wasn’t very pulled into. In my opinion this series will live or die by the action and the way episode 2 handled it, I wasn’t very impressed. It didn’t have much to it. A few movements and the whole thing was over. Animeblue mentioned to me that one of the directors from episode 1 wasn’t going to be back and maybe that is what is effected those scenes so much, but it could also just be that they were showing off how weak that guy was. The ending was the biggest surprise to me. I am not sure if Akemi is actually dead or not, but I will be surprised if she is. It seems like she would be kind of a key figure int he show, but if she gets killed very quickly then I don’t know what will happen next. I do hope that this brings massive rage to Jin and the emotionless Jin will turn into a monster and start going on a rampage.

Interesting that he didn't think Jin was the one setting all the fires... He does kind of look guilty.

This is exactly how I look right before I rage quit on MW3...

Seriously?! One hit K-O? You'd think a fire breathing monster that is able to escape would be a bit stronger.

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