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~Pure Engagement~ intends on ending the season with a bang, bringing out all the Sekirei in an attempt to stop Minato from reaching atop Teito Tower and getting the antidote to save Chiho. Continue reading


Uzume has challenged the North to a battle, but will she be able to take down one of Minato’s Sekirei? Continue reading


Kakazaki has a pretty tall order for Uzume – take out one of the North’s Sekirei to get a win. Will Uzume challenge her friends from Izumo Inn? Continue reading


It’s time to get rid of all the runts in the Sekirei Plan before moving on. Those that haven’t been playing will be forced out of hiding. Might as well join in. Sure beats running into Karasuba’s sword. Continue reading


Remember the opening scene of Episode 1? We get a little bit more of a taste as to what that scene was in this episode as Minato is getting serious about this whole Sekirei Plan and asks Matsu for an explanation. Continue reading


「Words of Marriage」 This action-packed episode was exactly what I was expecting.  Rock solid Sekirei fighting action, hot Ashikabi-on-Sekirei action and animals attacking poor girls.  Wait, animals? More on that later. Episode 5 concluded with Uzume vs. Akitsu, and as … Continue reading


「The Flame Sekirei」 The first thing you see in this episode, Minaka all spread out with the most giddy of faces, is the feeling I will have watching this arc play out.  There’s so much being setup this week as … Continue reading


「The Last Bird」 I have ero as a “word the describes Jrow” in my profile, so you gotta figure I like shows like this, and even more that I can’t wait for the Blu-Ray. But you know what? Sekirei is … Continue reading


Before I start blogging individual episodes (starting at episode 4), let me take a bit of time to recap the first 3 episodes of Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~. This arc can be called the Kazehana Arc, since it centers around her … Continue reading