Bridget and Cathy have a rematch as the 3rd/2nd-year Pandoras get their shot at the infected Pandoras.

"We did it!"

When it comes to action this week, Freezing rarely stepped on the break pedal. With Atia leading a group of Pandoras, Elizabeth trying to handle both Cathy and Milena with just her Limiter, and Cathy fighting Bridget/Rana/Genessa, the penultimate episode was definitely a highlight of what I consider the show’s greatest strength, the action. One problem I have with the action sequences is that the Limiters feel incredibly detached from the action. It almost feels like they are in a completely separate room casting their powers. At the end of the episode, shouldn’t Andre be hanging around Elizabeth, or shouldn’t they even show him being knocked out? Digressing from that, a lot of high-speed movement with flashing lights and pretty much everyone getting to highlight their abilities was a lot of fun to watch.

Elizabeth suggests bringing it.

Cathy’s dominance early on was to be expected, but Bridget being able to come out after a stab in the back to do Tempest Turn was crazy; she even had Wings of Light on her. But it was Kazuya factoring into the battle that turned the tide. He started with a save of Rana early on, calling out to the infected Cathy and basically removing any doubts that Bridget might’ve had about him (especially after the situation involving his sister’s stigma). It’s always cool to see those characters pull through in those key moments. We’ve been thinking it for maybe 10 weeks now, but Bridget has finally reached the point of actually wanting to do the Baptism with him. Maybe that scene will be a BD-only episode, eh? 😉

Cathy overpowers Rana with her own Freezing.

Things aren't looking so good for Bridget. Let's turn things around...

Kazuya casts what has to be his strongest Freezing yet, saving both Bridget and Cathy.

This was a quality episode leading into the series (season?) finale, but with Milena recovering and now standing in the Inner Sanctum, there’s still more business to be taken care of. We’ve yet to see Chiffon appear, and we haven’t seen Pandora Mode used by anyone yet. If the show is going to use Pandora Mode next week, I would hope that the action lives up to at least what we saw this week; it’d be a disappointment if Pandora Mode didn’t get a truly awesome moment in the series.

Cathy looks at her hands, wondering just what the hell she's become.

I’ve read that episode 12 of Freezing will not air next week and that it’s first airing will be April 6th on Tokyo-MX (censored), with the AT-X showing only 8 hours after (uncensored). I’ll see you then for the last episode of Freezing!

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