I was shocked that they skipped two more years after episode 3. I wonder if that will be the norm, IE, they will be skipping around when they need. That would be pretty cool, but I don’t think they will skip anytime soon. It feels like they have gotten right to where they want to be. I was surprised to see that Kouga hadn’t gone again since he “saved” those people from the burning building. I guess he is just too prideful after what happened and is waiting to become just as strong as Jin before he goes out again. I am curious about Hayami. He is the bodyguard that was talking to Kouga outside of the inventors office. It looks like there is much more to him than meets the eye. I wonder if he is going to become a key figure later down the line. I am also curious about the new girl, not just because she has braces, which is uncommon for anime. She is featured in the opening so she might just end up tagging along with Jin. That is good because Jin has a rather flat personality and I liked her bubbly outgoing personality. They will contrast well together.


Two years later we still have little to no progress when it comes to Jin turning into Zet. I was a little bit annoyed by how Jin turned like 150% Zet. Seriously? That means he is more than just Zet, but he is SUPER ZET! Why can’t they just keep the numbers within 100% because no one can become more than 100% anything. It did look like he had some super speed and strength when he fought the Players in his normal form. When he turned into Zet again he just whooped that dude really quickly. I am still disappointed that his opponents have been so weak, but I guess that is because they really haven’t dived into the main storyline yet. Really it was the ending that got me excited. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next.

It disturbs me when hard boiled cops blush...

I get the impression that those three probably have pictures of Kaoru in their bedrooms.

When you see a girl's ass pointing up in your closet, your first response shouldn't be to put your foot on it.

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