Now that the anime is on a (presumedly) 2-year hiatus, I’m moving on to the Sekirei manga. I had read all of it right before the start of season 2, making comparisons at the conclusion of each episode during the season. I strongly suggest checking it out if you like ecchi series since there’s a decent story to be read.

Now before I just get into the chapter, I’ll explain recent events. We’re in the midst of Stage 3 right now, and Minato has just won himself a Jinki. This guy was in the same battle with the Disciplinary Squad and won a Jinki! He brought a good cast of Sekirei with him (Musubi, Tsukiumi and Homura), and we got to see Mu-chan and Tsukiumi use Norito. As they’re heading back home, Uzume tries to take away the Jinki from them, with this being the first time the group knew that the veiled Sekirei was Uzume. After finding out why U-chan is doing what she’s doing and that she’s being used, Minato wanted to rescue her, and they find out that bringing Chiho (Uzume’s Ashikabi) out of Izumi’s hospital and into the MBI Hospital can free her from her obligation with Izumi & Kakazaki. As the rescue attempt happens and conveniently while Miya is visiting Takehito’s grave, Uzume with #31 Sai and #40 Shi ambush Izumo Inn wanting to steal the Jink Minato has.

I need a spongebath! Somebody get Nurse Matsu in here!

And now onto Chapter 106, the girls (including Matsu’s first outside appearance in the manga) have saved Chiho and brought her to MBI safely and with little resistance. In the manga, it has been really touching at just how grateful Uzume is for Minato and his girls saving Chiho; it’s almost as if he’s a 2nd Ashikabi to her. It’s the magic of Minato, who isn’t as annoying in the manga as he sometimes comes off as in the anime. I like how the manga expressed a more close feeling between the two. Imagine if Minato ended up with his own little group of allies. That’d be pretty sweet to see.

3+6 > 31+40. How about that math?

In the anime impressions, I felt like what happened in episode 10 of the anime was a precursor for what would happen in the manga, and it did just that. With Uzume almost in tears over knowing that Chiho is safe, she tells off Sai and Shi, saying that she doesn’t need to do anything for them anymore. They attack, but Kazehana and Homura kock them out with their special techniques. Or did they? As Uzume goes to hug Minato, Sai gets up and throws her blade whip right into Uzume’s back. In the anime, it was so sudden and just a gut reaction by U-chan to protect Musubi that it didn’t quite have the impact it did for, maybe, the most famous Sekirei that didn’t belong to Minato. In the manga, it felt more dramatic and sad, like you really want U-chan to pull through. Sure, Uzume hasn’t been declared dead yet, but I’m pretty sure it’ll go just as the anime did since no penalty will be given to Chiho for losing Uzume.

Sai's blade pierces Uzume. NO!!!

The manga is typically less than 20 pages and it only gets released once or twice a month. The next chapter will be out November 5th according to the final page of 106.