These guys are going to get crushed by Luffy and his crew..

One Piece hits the big 600 chapter mark this week, bringing us more of the same that we have come to love and loath over the past few weeks. We get more characters coming together, but still no Luffy getting back with the crew. I’ve never had a problem with One Piece’s slow pace until now. I know this becomes an ever growing resentment, but we still want them back together out on adventures, which is something that hasn’t happened for some time now. I am hoping at least in the next chapter we get Luffy joining up finally or at least some kind of showing of power. One of my favorite scenes in One Piece was when Luffy absolutely destroyed Bellamy with one punch. It was a great showing of power and how much Luffy has evolved over his adventures and I am looking forward to him crushing one of the new high valued rookies like they are nothing.

I want to ride Chopper~

I loved how Zoro and Sanji are still the same because I have missed their interactions since they were split up. Maybe it is just the fact that I haven’t seen them in a while, but as long as they fight I will love it. Maybe it is time for me to take on another rewatch of the entire One Piece series. Also, it was great to see how big Chopper had gotten! I love that he is really big now and I hope to see some epic mount moments as they join up to fight with each other. Also, Chopper is one lucky SOB, I want to be hugged by Nami, especially in a bikini top~ 😀

Hopefully this means Luffy is coming into the picture next week.

We get more of Franky’s ugly redesign this week. Although, I was a bit happy to see his old hairstyle make an appearance. I bet Oda is going to use his new hair ability to give him new looks from time to time, which would be a lot better than his Nazi skin head looking self now. Also Brook finally getting outed as one of Luffy’s crew was great. I felt like it was long overdue for him to join them with his bounty. Next week hopefully more will happen.