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We finally get a more in depth look at what has happened over the last 7 years. Bisca and Alzack getting married was obvious in the last episode since they had the same name, but I was surprised to see that they had a 6 year old daughter already. Romeo’s… Continue reading


It has been seven years and we get a good look at what Fairy Tail has become. It really wasn’t too surprising to find so few members left. It was interesting seeing their new looks. Macano looks like a serious old man now. I don’t think Kanna… Continue reading


All I can say about this episode is WOW! This episode doesn’t give me a lot to talk about, but it is easily the biggest episode so far in the Fairy Tail series. Watching the entire Fairy Tail guild… Continue reading


I wanted to get back into Fairy Tail, since I stopped after our server crashed for over a week, but I wanted to wait until the end of the arc. Technically there is still one episode before it officially ends, but with Canna finally… Continue reading


Black Rock Shooter is gearing up for a fight with Dead Master, but in the school world, what happened to Yuu? (Ep. 4 thoughts bundled in with ep. 5) Continue reading


Basketball, Basketball, Basketball. If only this episode were more about Basketball… anyways, BRS takes a bit of an action breather while Kohata confesses to a boy. Continue reading


Black Rock Shooter takes a drama component that, at best, is a 2 and forces it all the way up to 11, making for some really overblown adolescent girl drama. Continue reading


After months of anticipation, the Black Rock Shooter anime made its debut. For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to return to episodic coverage on Anivision. Now with the premiere of Black Rock Shooter, having posted all those news previews earlier, I really feel like… Continue reading


The Fairy Tail battles against Grimoire Heart continue this week and they are rather disappointing to say the least. My biggest problem is with how the Gildarts fight ended. Bixlow and Freed had already… Continue reading


Getting back into the groove in 2012 gets me back into doing my weekly Fairy Tail impressions. I was deciding what I wanted to do since I over worked my self last time with too many weekly posts, that is when… Continue reading