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This July, an anime adaptation of the Light Novel series, Sword Art Online is being released! Continue reading


I was shocked that they skipped two more years after episode 3. I wonder if that will be the norm, IE, they will be skipping around when they need. That would be pretty cool, but I don’t think they will … Continue reading


This episode started off really strong. I was pulled into the emotions that Jin was feeling after watching Akemi getting eaten by a monster. Still though, I thought that Jin should’ve been a bit more pissed off after watching her … Continue reading


Koko is making a sale of SAM missiles, but her buyers are hoping to get purchase more equipment out of her for the fight between Americans and Russians over an oil pipeline. Continue reading


The second episode of Zetman has aired and I can’t say that I was disappointed. Admittedly, it didn’t meet all my expectations, but I can say that I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was interesting seeing the main characters years later. Konoha really didn’t… Continue reading


The first episode of the latest anime from White Fox about an arms dealer and her bodyguards. Based off the manga series by Keitaro Takahashi. Continue reading


The latest Weekly Jump series to be animated, this time by the very popular Gainax studios. What do I suggest you do with this anime? Continue reading


Violence and action, is there anything more you need in an anime? Zetman’s first episode has done a good job in setting up the world and the rest of the series. I was disappointed in the edited violence in the first episode. … Continue reading


We finally get a more in depth look at what has happened over the last 7 years. Bisca and Alzack getting married was obvious in the last episode since they had the same name, but I was surprised to see that they had a 6 year old daughter already. Romeo’s… Continue reading


Welcome to the Spring 2012 Anime Preview! You can check out the summaries, trailers, and our thoughts on each show for the season. Including Eureka seveN AO, Kore wa Zombie 2, Sakamichi no Apollon, Uchuu Kyoudai, Accel World, and much more! Continue reading